Friday, July 30, 2010


So much for my prediction. Although, in my defense, the “Pickled Onions” dug their own grave handing their opponents two forfeits. Including those two results, they lost just as many matches in the final as they did all season long. But it’s all part of the deal – the “Sour Grapes” turned up, played hard, and ended up deserved winners.

It was a disappointing finish to the season when you consider the forfeits having such a large impact on the final result, but such circumstances can arise and unfortunately for the “Pickled Onions”, they came up at exactly the wrong time.

Paul Flanagan (“Sour Grapes”) [pictured left] gave his team just the start they needed with a 2-1 win over Peter Fortune (“Pickled Onions”) – the reverse result from when they played in the regular season just 2 weeks earlier. Each team required one sub in the line-up, and both of the subs won their matches 2-1, cancelling each other out. Then both Jason Trombley and Brandon Dobbins (“Pickled Onions”) chalked up 3-0 triumphs to give their team a strong advantage. However, the two forfeits did them in. The lead wasn’t large enough and the “Sour Grapes” leapfrogged them to take the Summer League title 16-14.

Congratulations to: Taylor Burleson; Brian Schrage; Mike McCuish; Todd Baker; Paul Flanagan; Mark Allen; Andy Adamo; Paul Huth.

The Boasters League starts the first week in October so you have a couple of months to rest up and get ready... or come see me and work on your game! We can only take 99 players, so make sure you get registered early.

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