Thursday, February 14, 2019


Boasters League round 6~~

Well, well, well. Lookie here. We have a new leader of the Boasters League. Someone has finally knocked the Butter Nutz of its perch. The Winky-Dinks have taken control with 3 rounds to play before the play-offs and although they may not maintain that top spot after rounds 7 and 8, they are odds on favorite to end up there after round 9. The Butter Nutz will have to sit on the sidelines for the last round with their bye.

It is important to finish in the top 2 places on the standings since those team get the free pass into the semifinals of the play-offs. The final 3 teams on the standings will be eliminated, and the way it looks right now, Foss Nation, Nick at Night and Vivio’s better get crackin’.

Winky-Dinks was by far the best performer this week with 36 points – that’s 12 better that any other team. They were also the only team this week to pick up double-digit bonus points - 13. (Once again, it’s ZERO surprise that the top two teams on the standings have accumulated the most bonus points.) On the Rocks were M.I.A. as they only picked up 8 points – the same amount of points that the team with the bye week picked up. Adding on to that misery, On the Rocks have the bye next week as well. They may find themselves free falling towards play-off elimination if they are not careful.

Shining the spotlight on some individual week 6 standouts… David de la Torre (Nicker Ballers) and Colin Bayer (Vivio’s) had a very entertaining match and I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the squash. Both players displayed impressive court coverage, rallies that I thought were going to end, did not. At times it looked as if they actually didn’t want to end the point, both content to extend it as long as possible. David ended up with the 2-1 win, only the 5th time in 15 matchups he has gotten the better of Mr. Bayer.

Mike Parker (Mongoose) handed Greg Baker (Wardogs) his first loss of this half with his over indulgence of boasts and angles into the front corners. He took the 2-1 win, Greg snagging his 1 game 15-14.  Joe Leto (Winky-Dinks) has been a model of consistency as he suffered through his 4th straight 1-2 loss against Peter Ulbrich (Butter Nutz). Joe is clearly c
ompetitive in all of his matches so far, just needs to get over the 3rd game hurdle!

Three rounds to go. Three teams to be eliminated. March 7 is the match completion deadline. Countdown is on. Just about every single player has matches to catch up on, so this will definitely come down to which teams put in the effort to arrange them. And don’t forget – it’s Valentine’s Day today. It of course skipped my mind this morning, which certainly explains why my coffee was cold, my toast was burnt, and the couch is set up with a blanket and pillow for tonight. Guess I’ll be stopping off at the flower shop on the ways home tonight…

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