Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sadly, the end of the winter season is nigh. Although nothing please me more than seeing my driveway free of snow, knowing that the courts will soon fall silent from the ‘thwack!” of the squash ball is a little distressing. But wait! All is not lost! The coming of the summer also means… Summer League! Yippee!

While many of you will be yearning to hit the golf course and spend 4-5 hours searching for a white ball in the long grass, I am sure the frustration that builds from that will only have you hankering to belt around the squishy black one. Plus, your body will thank you when you actually sweat from an increased heart rate and not from the hot temperatures!

The Summer League consists of 8 teams. I would like a minimum of 64 players. All standards welcome. It will be run exactly like the winter league except that it will be scheduled for Monday nights rather than Wednesdays. Bonus points will still be on offer, but there will not be a keg. Still, it is highly encouraged that you play on Monday nights for the camaraderie. You do need to be a Blackballer to play. The league will be 7 weeks of regular season, then 2 weeks of finals. The top 4 teams will advance. It is scheduled to start on May 16 and end on July 25.

I will be putting the teams together. Team orders will be based on your previous league results, box ladder results, club championship results and if you happen not to have any of that, on guessing!

So get your registration in early. The deadline to do so is May 6 (or until full). Anyone signing up after capacity has been reached will be placed down as a sub. If I receive a lot more than 64 players, I will definitely consider expanding it. It is one sure way to guarantee at least one match week. A match that I organize for you! What could be easier than that?

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