Monday, April 16, 2012


I am starting to think I can affect the weather. At the end of summer last year, I bought a snow-blower in anticipation of a repeat winter of 2010 where it snowed continuously and I was forced to shovel my landing strip of a drive way non-stop. Since that day, we have been through a Michigan winter and we only had one significant snowfall – the weekend of the DAC Classic – and I haven’t had to use the snow-blower at all! So, I am thinking I will purchase a BBQ for my back porch to enjoy our backyard during the upcoming warm season of summer – and in doing so will force it to rain for four months straight!

That means there will be no better place for you to be than on the squash court and playing the Summer League! It is the same format as the winter boasters league except it will be scheduled for Monday nights instead of Wednesdays.

Yes, yes, I still expect some die-hard golfing fanatics will still be trying to be like Tiger (or Bubba!) and not want to even think about stepping inside a court but they are only hurting themselves. Not playing for 4 months will give the ones who do a considerable advantage come September.

The best part of this is that I do 90% of the organization. The 10% left over is for you to:
  1. E-mail or call through your registration
  2. Read my e-mails regarding the league when you receive them
  3. Contact your opponent to confirm your match when the league starts.
That’s it.

Then you get to play – what could be better??
The league will start on Monday May 14, run 7 weeks plus 2 weeks of finals and finish on July 16.

I will put together all the teams. I will e-mail you the schedule every week. I will have the courts reserved. I won’t: Pick you up. Play for you. That you can manage yourself.

So send me your registration – I will take the first 64 players and anyone signing up afterwards will be placed on a sub list unless I get enough to expand the league. Make sure you enter early – deadline is May 4. All players of ALL levels are welcome. (You must be a Blackballer to play.)

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