Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Scheduled to start on Tuesday, September 7, the Doubles Select Tournament matches up the top ranked doubles players with the lower ranked ones. For example, if 32 players have registered, team one would pair up the number 1 ranked player with the 32nd ranked player, team two would be the 2nd ranked player with the 31st ranked player, and so forth. The intent is to make all teams as evenly matched as possible.

Members are to enter as individuals and I will form all the teams. This is a great opportunity to play with and against members you would not normally step on court with. Since all teams are theoretically the same standard, the knock-out draw will be done completely randomly. Matches are played best of 5 games, without a consolation draw.

All the matches will have a deadline for completion, and any matches that are not completed within 10 days of the deadline will be forfeited. It is the player’s responsibility to get the matches done!

The players on the winning team will receive a special shirt with their names stitched on it. Registration deadline is Friday, September 4.


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