Monday, January 11, 2010


The DAC, captained by George Haggarty, successfully defended the Farris Cup on January 9 against the BAC, winning the event for the 5th time in its 6 year history. The 10 match to 5 result was certainly a convincing win, but it really was a lot closer than that on court.

Getting off to a flying start, the DAC won the first four singles matches 3-0, which were not really a surprise. At the lower 2 levels, the BAC has been somewhat “Detroit Lion-esque”. They have only won 3 matches out of 24 in the 6 years of the event, a sure indication that they need to revisit their team selection strategy, since there is no way that we will be sending in a purposely weaker team! On the other side of the coin, the BAC holds the ascendancy in the doubles. Over the 6 six years, They have won a total of 13 matches to our 5, including winning all 3 doubles matches this year dropping only 1 game in the process. It will be up to our guys to pick up their game if they wish to be more competitive on the doubles court.

The second round of 4 singles matches were a lot more spirited. And it was truly here where the DAC won the Cup. Scott Adlhoch had his work cut out for him against Andrew Pritchard (pictured left) who took the first game from Scott with his long reach and surprising retrievals. It took a while for Scott to acclimatize to Andrew’s game, but eventually he found his rhythm and his backhand drop shot just in time to win the very close match in 4. Paul Ward played a solid match and had to make sure he kept to a steady game plan to overcome his opponent, Rick Claar. Paul also won in four. Kirk Haggarty was scheduled to play their club champion, Jon Uffelman, but because of a leg injury Jon was forced to give up his spot to youngster Michael Snower – who had just turned 16. Kirk was also carrying an injury into the match and had to stick to a very specific game plan if he were to have any success. Michael is young, fit, quick, fit, steady, fit, motivated… and did I mention ‘fit’? But Kirk has experience which you cannot underestimate and with cleverly paced length and lobs, a few nice deceptive shots, and a little better anticipation, Kirk found himself 2-1 up. Unfortunately, the work he had to do to get there caught up with him and he had to concede the final 2 games. In the comeback of the day, John Rakolta had to fight back from 2-0 down against Mike Beauregard (pictured right) which is a very challenging chore – especially mentally. However, once John grabbed the momentum, some confidence, and started winning some rallies, he took the match by the neck, won the next 2 games, and the rolled over Mike in the 5th. In winning these 4 tough matches, the DAC only needed 1 more victory in the next round of 4 matches to secure the Cup.

We didn’t have to wait long. Mike Eugenio took advantage of Terry Barr’s loose game and cleaned him up 3-0. At the same time, Ryan Bendzinski split the first 2 games against Chad Keesling before lighting a fire under his own behind to come out in the 3rd and 4th and hand the guy a substantial pummeling. Our 10th win came from Paul Doherty who also did well to battle back from a 2-1 deficit over John LaMarche to take the match in a long 5 setter. (If Scott Adlhoch, John Rakolta, and Paul Doherty had lost their matches, we would have lost the Cup!!)

The 2011 Farris Cup is set for January 8 at the DAC. To qualify for selection, you need to be in the final of the 2010 Club Championships which will be held over the month of April. To see the Cup, it will soon be on display in my office with all the names of the DAC team members etched on for all eternity.

Well done, team!!


John Dunwoody said...

The Farris Cup is a grand one day event. Great oompetition and good squash friends, on both teams. In the 5 years I have played, I can not remember one negative incident, on or off the court. This is a tribute to John Farris, who, if he were here still playing, might have a few select "kind" words to convey, on and off the court.


I am contemplating retirement, as politely suggested by our captain (and promptly supported by our pro). But if not retirement, I promise an individual re"doubled" effort next year on the court.

See you next year !!

Mick Joint said...

Retirement, John? I think I'll place you on a 12 month training program instead - less wine, less beer, less whiskey, less margaritas...

Stu Boynton said...

I agree with the premise Mr. Dunwoody should retire. I will be pleased to move into the # 2 Team spot!!
A "First Cabin" Event. Thank you to all the organizers and to our Captain. Stu

Anonymous said...

I think retirement is the best option and will allow John to go out on his own terms, however rumor is that John has secured one of the nations premier physical fitness guru's for intense one on one sessions over the next six months. So the next time you see Dunwoody give him a little wink of encouragement as I hear Richard Simmons can be pretty ruthless on his students!!

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