Tuesday, September 15, 2009



“Let?” “Stroke?” Of all the beauty in our sport, this is the ugly side. What, why, when, is it a ‘let’? What do you have to consider while determining the difference between a ‘no-let’, ‘let’ and a ‘stroke’? Chances are that each and every one of you have some time during your squash career had an argument on the squash court with your opponent (or referee) over a ‘let’ call. Myself included. On Thursday, October 1, I hope to at least make your understanding of the rules a little clearer as I run a Referee Clinic. I will cover basic and common situations, such as ‘turning’, getting hit with the ball and / or racquet, and what you need to do in order to clear your shot properly. I recommend this clinic not just for new squash players, but for all squash players in the club - too often I still see and hear arguments amongst our upper level players based upon myths and ‘old wives tales’. The clinic starts at 5pm, is free for all squash players although registration is necessary, and is an open forum. Come with your questions prepared and be ready to discuss any and all of your issues. Don’t go home wondering! As an added incentive, if you are a regular in the Boasters League and you attend the referee clinic in its entirety, you will receive a bonus point for your team. Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 29. No need to bring your squash gear, this is purely an informational session to make you better prepared and more knowledgeable.


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