Friday, March 26, 2010


Boasters League – Final

…Flashback 2009, round 1 of the Boaster’s League finals…
Pat Petz’s team plays a 15-15 tie but advance 5-4 on bonus points… fade-out… Its one week later. Semi Finals of the 2009 Boasters League and Pat Petz’s team repeats the unlikely – they play a 26-26 tie, but again advance on bonus points 10-9… fade-out… Its one week later; the final of the 2009 Boasters League season. Pat Petz’s team dominates and wins the league… fade-out…
...Fast forward to 2010…

Surprise finalists “Angry Dragons” were lucky even to be present. Spending much of the season in last place, they ended up 3rd from the bottom and were second worst in picking up bonus points. But their team was quite strong. Once the finals started, suddenly they started turning up. The knocked of the second seeded “Hell’s Kitchen” in round 1, then had little trouble with “Duck or Bleed” in the semis.

On the other end on the spectrum, Pat Petz’s [pictured left] team, the “Defending Champs”, spent most of the season in the top 2-3 positions on the ladder and went in as the top seed. In round 1, “The Trolls” put up a reasonable resistance, but just weren’t up to scratch, in the semi final, the “Defending Champs” staggered to the finishing line 23-20 over “The Deconstructors” who certainly had their chances to cause the upset. The final was set between the first seed and the seventh seed: 29 points separated the teams on the standings, so going by that, the final should have been a cake-walk… yeah, right!

Eleven matches were played. One of them ended up 3-0. The other ten: 2-1. One of things that really hurt the “Angry Dragons” was that 3 of their regulars required subs. Even though 2 of those subs won their matches, they can’t receive bonus points and in the end, it made the difference. History was about to repeat itself.

I don’t know how many games ended up 15-14; how many games were decided on an unforced error, or a lucky winner; and I am sure all the members “Angry Dragons” will now be scratching their heads, making themselves feel guilty, and spending time wondering the “what-ifs”, “could-haves” and “should-haves”. In reality, they couldn’t have done much more.

Firstly, they should be thankful they made it so far. I debate whether they even deserved to be in the final. Playing as few matches as they did during the regular season - with the 2nd worst percentage of matches completed - does not warrant a spot in the play-offs. (This may prompt a play-off rules change for next season.) Secondly, they actually won 7 of the 11 matches played. That in itself is a noble effort, and just proves they should have ended up near the top of the standings after the regular season.

So I suppose justice was served. With a 24-24 tie, the “Defending Champs” are (again) declared winners based on the tie-break: 8 bonus points to 7. Congratulations to: Scott Adlhoch, Jay Poplawski, Pat Petz, Joe Moran, JB Peabody, Andrew Spohn, Mark Monaghan, Justin Winkelman, Tom Healy, Jim Miller, and Jerry Solomon. It was a terrific effort, the “Angry Dragons” did put up the best fight they could and should be commended as well. Unfortunately for them, only the victor receives the spoils!

The 2009-2010 Boasters League is done. Here are a few seasonal stats for the second half: Bob Rogers (“The Reach Arounds”) [pictured left] picked up the most points in the league with 28. Tom Healy (“Defending Champs”) was second with 27, then Chuck Doyle (“Hell’s Kitchen”) and Anil Kathuria (“The Reach Arounds”) with 25. Bob, Tom and Anil also went through the season undefeated. Only 3 players picked up a bonus point every week: Paul Ward (“Angry Dragons”), Mac Nutter and Chuck Doyle (both from “Hell’s Kitchen”). On the other side of that, only 3 players failed to pick up any. They shall remain nameless. Spread over all the teams, 74% of the matches were played. The “Defending Champs” completed 84% - the next best was 75%.

Summer League is just around the corner. It is scheduled to start on May 17. Do yourself a favor and keep active over the summer months – you will reap the benefits come September when it all starts again…


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