Friday, March 12, 2010


Boasters League Quarter Finals –

Defending Champs (1) v The Trolls (8)
The “Defending Champs” took a page out of Ken Katz’s book and accumulated an impressive 10 out of a maximum of 11 bonus points. Captain Patrick Petz even managed to convince his number one player, Scott Adlhoch, who had not collected one bonus point all season, to play on Wednesday. (I hate to think what Patrick promised him…) Even so, “The Trolls” put up a commendable fight and kept themselves in the hunt just about all the way. The “Defending Champs” move on to the semis with a solid and well deserved win. Final score: 26-17.

Hell’s Kitchen (2) v Angry Dragons (7)
This was a lot closer than the final score suggests. There was only one 3-0 result out of the nine matches that were played. Unfortunately for “Hell’s Kitchen”, they only won 3 of the other 8 matches that ended up 2-1. They also hurt their chances by only collecting only 5 bonus points. The second seeds bow out of the league with a final score of 16-22. Against the odds, the “Angry Dragons”, who have been lingering at the bottom of the standings almost all season long, now find themselves in the semi-finals. They are not to be taken lightly!

Marauders (3) v Duck or Bleed (6)
In the closest battle of the week, this came down to the final reported match. Both teams gathered 7 bonus points on the night, so it was 100% the squash which was going to determine who advanced. In the match of the week, even though the score was 3-0, Joe Bobzin (“Duck or Bleed”) held off Matt Jarboe (“Marauders”) in a match that was anything but straight forward. Matt just doesn’t quit, not even if he’s sprawled all over the floor, 25 feet from the ball, and his lungs are oozing out of his nostrils. I am sure Joe was very pleased to get away with this victory. Before the last score was turned in, the “Marauders” held a 17-15 lead. However, Paul Ferrini saved the day for his team with a sound 3-0 win, pushing “Duck or Bleed” to the next round. Final score: 18-17.

The Reach Arounds (4) v The Deconstructors (5)
In the only blow-out of this week’s finals, “The Reach Arounds” really defeated themselves. Due to either unavailability or injury, 3 of their team members forfeited their matches which immediately put them 9-0 behind before the night even started. Add on three more 3-0 losses for matches that were actually played, and an 18-0 deficit suddenly becomes insurmountable. Especially when only 5 matches are left to play. Rubbing salt into their already infected and festering wounds, “The Deconstructors” also picked up more bonus points. Final result: 27-11.

The semi finals are on St. Paddy’s Day. Be prepared for Patrick Petz’ green explosion. I wonder how many players will be struggling to perform…?


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