Thursday, July 28, 2011


Even though all the matches weren’t played at their scheduled time, at least the result came down to the final contest which kept it exciting. And, thankfully, bonus points were not the deciding factor. They did keep the “Court Jesters” in the hunt because without them the last match would have been irrelevant.

Sure to Shank Redemption” only collected 2 bonus points on the night (2 less than their opponents) and by the time the next morning came around were trailing by – you guessed it – 2 points. Mike McCuish once again was kind enough to sub in for the ill Tom Healy (“Sure to Shank Redemption”) and once again he stepped up to the task by beating Andrew Spohn 2-1. Blake Ellis had a strong performance against Tom Lott taking all 3 games but that result was nullified when Ted Morris lost all 3 games to Jeff Jardine. Adding on a 2-1 win to Mike Ng (“Court Jesters”) who played that match a few days early, and after four matches, the bonus points were the difference.

However, the next two days bought better fortunes for “Sure to Shank Redemption”. Steve Murphy put them one point closer after taking care of Jim Kelly 2-1, and after Arnaud Mangin was awarded a 3-0 forfeit, they suddenly found themselves 2 points ahead. It came down to the final match.

Patrick Petz versus Sean Fossee. Most of the pressure was on Patrick – he had to win 3-0 if the “Court Jesters” were to take the title. These two played each other back in round 7 (only two weeks earlier) and Sean won that battle 2-1, so presumably he had the mental edge. And it’s funny how history repeats itself. Once again, Sean took the match 2-1 and with it making “Sure to Shank Redemption” the Summer League champions of 2011!

Winning players: Blake Ellis, Sean Fossee, Arnaud Mangin, Andy Housey, Tom Healy, Ted Morris, Steve Murphy. Congrats fellas!

So that’s it for leagues for a while. The fall Boasters League starts on the first week of October, but registration begins in August. Make sure you put your name down early if you intend to play. Otherwise, play your box ladder matches, and start to get yourself squash ready for the 2011-2012 season. Now is the best time…

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