Friday, March 16, 2012


Boasters League semi finals ~~
Then there were two. The trash talking for the next week should be quite entertaining considering its Patrick Petz’s and Rich Stimson’s teams going head to head for the Boasters League title. The two captains are also paired up in the Doubles for the Club Championships, but next Wednesday will be on opposite sides of the court when they actually have to play against each other.

The semi finals were somewhat of a blow-out. “Town Pump” dominated the scores from start to finish. With 11 of the 12 results recorded, they only lost 3 matches and they also collected 3 more bonus points to stuff “Anchor” 31-19. On paper it shouldn’t have been so one sided but strong performances from Jason Massey, Mark Monaghan, Patrick Petz, Greg Davis and Mike McCuish who all won 2-1 reversed their mid-season losses to the same opponents, and the biggest ‘upset’ of the evening was Blake Ellis’ 3-0 victory over Paul Ward. “Town Pump” had locked in the ticket to the final with 3 matches to spare.

The other semi final was a lot closer. Only one point separated the two teams with only 3 matches to go. Then “Vivio’s” put down the hammer and steamrolled “Old Shillelagh” 8-1 in the final 9 games. In the end, just like “Town Pump”, “Vivio’s” won 8 of 11 matches. The closest match of the evening was between Anil Kathuria and Chuck Doyle. It was desperation squash as it came down the sudden-death rally in the third game and with a forehand volley that nearly removed Anil’s face and all the breath from my lungs, Chuck took it 15-14.
Just like the March Madness, predicting the winner is virtually impossible to do. On paper however, my prediction – which is almost like a ‘kiss-of-death” these days, lays slightly with “Town Pump”. Bonus points may have some say in the matter too, but I’m sure both captains will be pushing their players to turn up regardless. Either way, it should be interesting with no doubt some controversy along the way. Matches start at 5pm next Wednesday, come on down, fill your beer cup and enjoy the action.

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