Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are you as Think as you Smart you are?

Timed-Handicap-Quiz Team Squash Tournament – Wednesday, July 11

Any “Jeopardy” experts out there? In this unique tournament format, squash will not be only thing in which you will need to be successful. I am also going to test just how smart you all are. Playing squash will be the easy part – if you can play non-stop for 20 minutes that is.

I know, I know, 20 minutes does not sound that long. But how many of you have really played that long without stopping? Seriously – no water break, no time-out, no 90 second between game rests – just 20 minutes of continuous rallying. Here is how it will work: You will placed onto one of two teams. Everyone will get one squash match of 20 minutes. You will want to accumulate as many points as possible. In the case where I can’t match up two players of the same standard, I will be awarding handicaps.

Once the squash is finished, each team will have to get together to complete a quiz. Each question is worth a certain amount of points. Questions will be based on your familiarity of the DAC, world squash, and overall general knowledge. Electronic devices will be banned for this portion of the event. Except for the defibrillator – someone may need that. And, if some of your answers are similar to the ones I received when we ran this event a few years ago, that someone may be me.

Given that I survive, I will then add up all the squash points of each team, add on the quiz points, to get your grand total. The winning team will be able to attack the prize table first. I have no idea what the prizes will be, but I will be collecting bits and pieces from around the club that departments wish to unload.

Oh – there will be a keg to attack too. Take note, though, that drinking beer probably does not make you a better squash player, or any smarter. Or sexier – especially sexier. But I am sure some of you may want to debunk that theory… Matches start at 5.30pm and I expect it to go through to around 7.30pm. It of course depends on the amount of entries. We need a minimum 14 players to run it.

Get your name in before July 9. And start watching Alex Trebek. But don’t write your answers on the quiz in the form of a question, I’ll deduct points for that…

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