Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Summer League Finals~~

I applaud the commitment! This is exactly how the league should be played – with every single player turning up! All of the bonus points were collected, with the exception of one due to a sub, and the result was rightfully decided on the court. They were tough matches. They were close matches. And for “Nightmare on Madison Street”, they were dream results.

Last week, I predicted a win for “Boast-Busters”, and that once again turned into the kiss of death. Not even Patrick Petz’s Irish luck was enough to stop the impressive winning streak of their opponents. It was looking good for a while however, when after the first 2 results came in, “Boast-Busters” took both of them 2-1. Nick Scavone kept his season’s undefeated record alive beating Dave Simmet and Elliot Shafer was strong in his victory over Todd Baker.

Then experience took over for “Nightmare on Madison Street”. Tom Fabbri seems to be getting hungrier by the day and adores feeding off younger rivals. His victim yesterday was Josh Slominski, who has been struggling of late, but Tom wasn’t about to let up and he powered to a 3-0 win. Manny Tancer followed that up as he won the battle of the undefeated number ones taking down the unpredictable styling of Robin Basil 2-1.

Andrew Spohn's win
sealed the deal

Joe Moran steadied the ship for “Boast-Busters” with a 2-1 win over Greg Davis, but it was countered with Al Iafrate getting the better of Patrick Petz also 2-1, and the writing was on the wall. “Boast-Busters” needed to take the final 2 matches of the day to have any chance. Last week’s hero Brian Schrage once again found himself under pressure in a must win situation. This time against Andrew Spohn – who beat Brian 2-1 in their last meeting. Second time around was not a charm for Brian as he went down 3-0, and with that “Boast-Busters” were out of reach. The final match of the evening played anyway and Drew Van Tongeren slopped the icing on “Nightmare on Madison Street’s” cake with a tough 2-1 triumph over Brittany Paquette (subbing for Steve Murphy).

Congratulations to the winners – commiserations to the finalists. And a huge round of applause to all competitors for making this the most active summer league season yet! Now it’s time to enjoy the summer break – leagues start up again in October – but that doesn’t mean you should stop playing! Box ladders are still running, and you have 2 months to work on your game…

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