Thursday, October 25, 2012


Boasters League round 4~~

Thwock!” There goes number 3. Kung Fu Panda belts his third home run against the Tigers in as many at-bats to lead the Giants charge as they hammer Verlander and his kitty-cat compatriots. I bet many of you wished you weren’t watching that, but instead did make the trip to the DAC to play your boasters league match. I wish I didn’t see it either.

Not too many matches have been played over the past 2 weeks compared to the first two, but when the Tigers are playing on the same night, I can hardly blame any of you. In fact, if a game 6 is required it is scheduled for next Wednesday – Halloween night – and more importantly, boasters league round 5. This is where your personal motivation and scheduling genius comes into play as you all take a lead role in organizing your make up matches… is that wishful thinking?

Round 4 gave a boost to the “Butter Nutz”. A nice 10 point lead on top of the standings, it was helped by playing 7 round 3 matches over the week. They played the “Wardogs” last night who actually took them to town, a bit like Pablo Sandoval did to JV, by winning 5 of the 7 matches they have played so far. The “Wardogs” now find themselves wedged in second place, knocking the stagnant “Winky-Dinks” into third. That may not last long, as “Wardogs” have the round 5 bye.

Andy Petcoff
A few tight results yesterday to be mentioned: David Gardiner (“Destiny”) picked up his first win of the season 2-1 over Renee McDuffee (“Mongoose”); David Devine (“WallEED”) fresh off his trip to Germany and no doubt plenty of Hefeweizen beat James Van Dyke (“Mercedes”) 2-1 who is fresh off his injury and trying to fit into his squash shirt again; and Andy Petcoff (WallEED) continued his 2-1 win streak (his 4th in a row) taking down Tom MacEachern (“Mercedes”) and handing him his first loss of the season. 

So hop to it! Plenty of matches to be played and no excuses not to get them done. The standings may appear to be spread out, but every team has opportunities to catch up. Just like the Tigers – it’s only one game. I’ll be watching Fister as he makes those Giants feel like Lilliputians, and Cabrera pop a couple balls into the bay. How about you also start chasing down those “Butter Nutz”!

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