Thursday, October 4, 2012


Boasters League round 1 ~~

If this is any indication of the season to come, “Winky-Dinks” will be the team everyone will be looking up to. With 9 matches completed and a week best 10 bonus points, picking up 27 first round points is no sneezing matter. With the expansion of the league this season from 108 to 117, I do expect scores to be a little higher. Add on the more than 30 new faces, many of whom are intermediates (a fantastic trend), it all adds up to a more social league. Could this be the best season yet?

Butter Nutz” headed by new captain Sante Fratarcangeli (taking over from our long-lost departed friend Ken MacDonald – who by the way e-mailed me yesterday to wish us luck for the new season) also had a great start picking up 26 points. Yes, it is early, but these 2 teams have already taken the league by the scruff of the neck and it is always harder to play catch-up.

Speaking of which, “Vivio’s” and “Destiny” did themselves a great disservice by playing only 3 of 13 matches yesterday. I cannot stress it enough that letting un-played pile up early is a recipe for disaster. The last thing any team wants to do is put themselves in a position of desperation as the playing deadline approaches. That deadline is still a little far off, but it will be staring at you sooner than you realize.

One of the best matches of the evening was the new look Josh Slominski (“Butter Nutz”) against Brendan Fossee (“Foss-ters”). Josh shaved his locks off which must have made him lose at least 5 pounds and it clearly helped him with his speed around the court. Splitting the first games, Brendan jumped to a very healthy lead in the 3rd before Josh reeled him in - winning by a whisker. It was a close shave for Josh. (Do I hear the groans?)

Other close results had Dave Devine and Jordan Ellis (both from “WallEED”) taking 2-1 wins over their opponents, Andy Combs (“Wardogs”) overcoming the experienced Renee McDuffe (“Mongoose”) 2-1, and Drew VanTongeren (“Destiny”) fighting through his 2-1 victory over Brian Schrage (“Vivio’s”).

A pleasing start to the league and hopefully we can keep up the enthusiasm. For those of you who postponed your round 1 match – get it done as soon as you can!!

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