Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Summer League round 3~~

I am not overly happy about having a 2 week break in the Summer League, since momentum can be lost and people can find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Not that we had much of a choice, and participation in round 3 was the lowest so far of the season. And that was even with the horrible rainy weather that was dumped on us yesterday!

On the other hand – and trying to find the positive here – the 2 weeks gave players time to make up some matches from the first couple of rounds. “Naval Fluff” took advantage the best and together with last night’s matches, plus a round’s best 6 bonus points, jumped from 3rd to 1st on the ladder with a 23 point improvement. “Bermuda Try Angles” weren’t far behind – they picked up 22 points over the break but remain in 5th position. The good news for them though is that they are a lot closer to the teams above them.

Off the Radar” and “Beer Ahoy!” continue to linger at the bottom of the standings, each of them picking up only 12 and 8 points respectively. They will be already playing themselves out of contention if they aren’t careful.

The closest match of the evening went to Tom MacEachern (“Loose Cannons”) and Tom Fabbri (“Get Some and Flop Some”). Tom M’s grunt of disapproval was heard through the fitness center as I walked in just as the second game ended. After he had won the first game 15-14, Tom F had just pinched the second with the same score line. The third was just as close. 15-14. Tom won that one. MacEachern that is. This time it was a grunt of appreciation.

Arnaud Mangin (“Get Some and Flop Some”) and Anil Kathuria (“Loose Cannons”) ran themselves into oxygen deprivation as Arnaud took the 2-1 win, and Brian Schrage (“Off the Radar”) picked up his first win of the season over Bruce Shaw (“Beer Ahoy!”) 2-1.

There are 4 rounds to go. Still time to get matches in, but not enough to put it off. Let’s go people!!

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