Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Are you a true student of the game? You may think you practice a lot, groove your swing, take those lessons and mold your game into a successful style, but do you really know the sport? Can you name anyone in the world’s top 10? Who won last year’s World Open? Or how high is the tin? (In my case, it’s always one inch too high!). You’re probably thinking why you should know this stuff. How will such information make me a better squash player?

Well, it probably won’t. But it will help you win the Timed-Handicap-Quiz Team Squash Tournament that is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10. Because, not only will you have to perform on the squash court, you are going to have to perform off it as well. No, no, I am not looking for any song and dance routines (although it would be entertaining), the performance I will be after is all about your brain power. Specifically, your know-how of the DAC, international squash, and general knowledge.

If you are up for the unique challenge, here is how the tournament works: Firstly, I will place you onto one of two teams. To get the gray matter warmed up, you will play one match of 20 minutes straight. No rest. No water breaks. Just flat-out for 1200 seconds. Every point counts. Your task is simply to score more points than your opponent. I will do my best to match you up with someone of your level, but if that isn’t possible, I will be handing out handicaps to even it up. To get the gray matter more loosened up, beer will be available too. Be aware though, that too much of it will turn the gray matter into gray mush.

Secondly, once the matches are complete, the two teams will get together and complete a quiz. Each question is worth a few points. The quiz shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. Electronic devices will be banned from this part of the tournament. Googling answers will be strictly forbidden!! Guessing answers will not. I expect some that…

Thirdly, to finalize the team scores, I will discard the highest point getter from the squash scores, add the rest, and then add it to the quiz score. The team with the highest total wins! Members of that team will be able to win a prize.

Registration deadline is Friday July 5. We need at least 14 people to run the event. Matches start at 5pm, and depending on how many entries we get it should take about 2 -2 ½ hours. Click on the above poster for all the details.

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