Monday, July 15, 2013


Race Against the Clock Tournament – Aug 9

From 0 to 200. That is what your heart rate will have to do in order to be successful with this event. (Actually, if your heart rate is 0, then don’t bother entering, you may find it difficult to get going.) We ran this event last year as Ken MacDonald’s swan song. (Remember him? He decided to take his talents to Denver…) We had 25 registrations then, and it would be just swell if we could get similar numbers this year. I would love to tell you that Ken will be making a special trip to Detroit just to play and reminisce about old times showing us what he’s learnt on the squash court at the Denver Athletic Club, but I can’t.

However, we can pretend he is here and honor him anyway. The matches will be just like last year: Very short and will vary between 3 and 7 minutes in duration. The actual format will depend on how many registrations there are. Handicaps may be issued. Basically, because of the time restriction, you will need to play flat-out from the first hit to the last. You will not have time to work yourself into the match, or wear your opponent down. Win as many points as fast as you can, that means you should be taking a few extra risks!

As usual, beverages will be available. You do not have to drink that as fast as you can, it would probably be better if you paced yourself instead. I really don’t want anyone going from 0 to 200 here.

The tournament will get under way at 5pm. We will only be using the 2 downstairs courts. Registration deadline is August 5.

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