Thursday, August 8, 2013


Nash Cup September 20-22

Who’s with me? Now I know that at least some of our members have expressed interest in this event, and it is about time that we put our money where our mouth is and follow up with actually making the easy 2 hour journey to London, Ontario and play this thing! Remember, this tiny town sends about 25 of their players every year to the DAC Classic, they poach the trophies, empty our kegs, and we absolutely can’t get enough of them… can’t we at least reciprocate just a little?

Here is the guarantee: The squash will be competitive. Tough. Don’t enter expecting an easy ride to the finals. You won’t get it. This event will attract players from as far as Toronto. Keep in mind, this is a singles event only, no doubles. The squash will be played in more than one club, but not too worry, they are all in close proximity to each other. London is not very big.

Here is another guarantee: You will have fun. The London Squash Racquets Club is constructed for socializing. It is a squash club. Not a fitness club with squash courts added on, but a squash club with a bar. A bar that never seems to stop serving whatever beverage that takes your fancy. It is not a big club. It is not the DAC. (But then, what is?!) It is a cozy, relaxing key club with 4 singles courts (and 1 doubles). The members could not be friendlier (except for Srini, he’s rude and needs to smile more.) It is encouraged that you play hard and party harder. Put your feet up, and put a drink in your hand.

What is also cool about this event is that they run a professional draw as well. As an added bonus and for the first time, they will be hosting a women’s pro draw along with the men’s. The pros will start their playing week early. By the time the Friday comes around (September 20), they will be ready for the men’s pro semi finals and the women’s final. The men’s final will be played on the Saturday. All entrants are allowed to watch as part of their entry fee. The men’s draw will feature players in the PSA top 50, the smaller women’s draw, top 100. Either way, it will be great squash – that’s another guarantee.

So, here are your playing options. You can enter one category only:

  1. Open. If you can compete with me, enter this one.
  2. Men’s A. If you can compete with Pablo (our club numero uno), enter this one.
  3. Men’s B. If you are a 4.5 – 5.0+, enter here,
  4. Men’s C. If you are a 3.5 – 4.4, this is your domain.
  5. Men’s D. If you are 3.4 or below, you belong here.
  6. 40+. If you are aged over 40, you can enter here. I’ll play the Open, not this one.
  7. 50+. If you are over 50, you’re really old... J And you can play this one.
  8. Women’s A. If you are female, and can play with Pablo, enter here.
  9. Women’s B. 4.5 – 5.0+.
  10. Women’s C. 3.5 – 4.4.
  11. Women’s D. 3.4 and below.
Entry fee is $70 CAD + tax. Meals, tournament souvenir included. 2 match minimum. To register, you will need to contact the London Squash Pro Dave Morrish. He may be difficult to understand because he’s from England. But he’s a very nice fellow. Call Dave – 519-433-0691.

As far as accommodation goes, there is a tournament hotel but book early. I believe there is a concert in town the same weekend, and hotels are filling fast. Talk to Dave Morrish about hotels and special tournament rates. I booked into a hotel about a mile from the club and even closer to the downtown bars.

So, are you with me?

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