Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Summer League round 4~~

Can you believe it? The Summer League is already on the downhill run. Four rounds in, and three to go. The good news is that 6 teams are still very much in the hunt to make the final four. The bad news is that two teams appear to have forgotten the league is running at all.

Beer Ahoy!” and “Off The Radar” are falling further and further behind as the weeks go by. They are now both over 25 points outside the last play-off position. In fact, “Off The Radar” didn’t play any make up matches last week, and only scored 3 points last night, and are averaging only 7½ points a week. They also have the lowest amount of bonus points overall (12). No prizes for guessing which team has the most. As you can see the rest of the teams are bunched up rather tightly. Only 7 points separate 2nd from 6th and a couple of matches could make all the difference… or bonus points…?

Highlighting some of the action yesterday, nothing stands out more than Jerry Solomon (“Bermuda Try Angles”). He gets a special mention here as somebody who literally put his body on the line – the red line on the tin that is. Late in the third game against Tom Pierce (“Scuttlebutts”), Jerry (accidently) launched himself face first into the tin. It was a messy consequence which resulted in a quick trip to the hospital for some stitches to the cut on his forehead. To make matters worse, Jerry lost that rally. But, he did take the match since he had won the first 2 games anyway. Jerry is well on the way to a full recovery – his head will heal fine, although he may wear the war wound for a while – however he will be taking a few weeks off for the sprained knee he suffered from the fall. We hope to see him back on court soon!

In a less bloody contest, Tom MacEachern (“Loose Cannons”) is trying his utmost to make the most out of each match. Since league matches are only 3 games without a tie-break, Tom is deciding to play every single point available. Last week, he played Tom Fabbri (“Get Some and Flop Some”) and won 2-1 with each game going 15-14. This week he played Tom Healy (“Beer Ahoy!”) and almost did exactly the same thing. He won 2-1, the first 2 going 15-14. Must be something in the name “Tom”.

Other close contests saw Ben Stone (“Get Some and Flop Some”) score a 2-1 victory over Allie Penz (“Off The Radar”), Brian Bartes (“Scuttlebutts”) picked up his second win of the season with a solid 2-1 win over Chuck Doyle (“Bermuda Try Angles”), and Bruce VandeVusse (“Naval Fluff”) scored his 3rd 2-1 win of the summer and thereby handing Josh Slominski (“Lunge-Lob Split-Pants”) his first loss.

Time is running short – quickly. Players have until July 9 (inclusive) to complete all the matches. That’s 3 weeks. Better get swinging.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Are you a true student of the game? You may think you practice a lot, groove your swing, take those lessons and mold your game into a successful style, but do you really know the sport? Can you name anyone in the world’s top 10? Who won last year’s World Open? Or how high is the tin? (In my case, it’s always one inch too high!). You’re probably thinking why you should know this stuff. How will such information make me a better squash player?

Well, it probably won’t. But it will help you win the Timed-Handicap-Quiz Team Squash Tournament that is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10. Because, not only will you have to perform on the squash court, you are going to have to perform off it as well. No, no, I am not looking for any song and dance routines (although it would be entertaining), the performance I will be after is all about your brain power. Specifically, your know-how of the DAC, international squash, and general knowledge.

If you are up for the unique challenge, here is how the tournament works: Firstly, I will place you onto one of two teams. To get the gray matter warmed up, you will play one match of 20 minutes straight. No rest. No water breaks. Just flat-out for 1200 seconds. Every point counts. Your task is simply to score more points than your opponent. I will do my best to match you up with someone of your level, but if that isn’t possible, I will be handing out handicaps to even it up. To get the gray matter more loosened up, beer will be available too. Be aware though, that too much of it will turn the gray matter into gray mush.

Secondly, once the matches are complete, the two teams will get together and complete a quiz. Each question is worth a few points. The quiz shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. Electronic devices will be banned from this part of the tournament. Googling answers will be strictly forbidden!! Guessing answers will not. I expect some that…

Thirdly, to finalize the team scores, I will discard the highest point getter from the squash scores, add the rest, and then add it to the quiz score. The team with the highest total wins! Members of that team will be able to win a prize.

Registration deadline is Friday July 5. We need at least 14 people to run the event. Matches start at 5pm, and depending on how many entries we get it should take about 2 -2 ½ hours. Click on the above poster for all the details.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Summer League round 3~~

I am not overly happy about having a 2 week break in the Summer League, since momentum can be lost and people can find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Not that we had much of a choice, and participation in round 3 was the lowest so far of the season. And that was even with the horrible rainy weather that was dumped on us yesterday!

On the other hand – and trying to find the positive here – the 2 weeks gave players time to make up some matches from the first couple of rounds. “Naval Fluff” took advantage the best and together with last night’s matches, plus a round’s best 6 bonus points, jumped from 3rd to 1st on the ladder with a 23 point improvement. “Bermuda Try Angles” weren’t far behind – they picked up 22 points over the break but remain in 5th position. The good news for them though is that they are a lot closer to the teams above them.

Off the Radar” and “Beer Ahoy!” continue to linger at the bottom of the standings, each of them picking up only 12 and 8 points respectively. They will be already playing themselves out of contention if they aren’t careful.

The closest match of the evening went to Tom MacEachern (“Loose Cannons”) and Tom Fabbri (“Get Some and Flop Some”). Tom M’s grunt of disapproval was heard through the fitness center as I walked in just as the second game ended. After he had won the first game 15-14, Tom F had just pinched the second with the same score line. The third was just as close. 15-14. Tom won that one. MacEachern that is. This time it was a grunt of appreciation.

Arnaud Mangin (“Get Some and Flop Some”) and Anil Kathuria (“Loose Cannons”) ran themselves into oxygen deprivation as Arnaud took the 2-1 win, and Brian Schrage (“Off the Radar”) picked up his first win of the season over Bruce Shaw (“Beer Ahoy!”) 2-1.

There are 4 rounds to go. Still time to get matches in, but not enough to put it off. Let’s go people!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This time we’ll go old school. Let’s probe the mind of a long-term successful DAC squash playing member that defies the age barrier and demands the respect of his fellow squashies with his longevity. He is still a threat to win the Club Championship, even with the likes of the younger crew starting to take charge. He is a great supporter of not only the DAC squash program, but of squash outside the club walls as well.


The Squash Joint (TSJ): You just turned 75… umm, I mean 55. How long have you been belting around the squash ball and who taught you? 

Old? Maybe, but still very much in the way. I started playing around 1985 just out of law school.  Jeff Parsigian taught me. He's probably the best racquet guy around. 

 TSJ: You are still one of the fittest players in the club. What do you do to keep yourself in such good condition? What does the ideal Peter Logan work-out week look like? How do you keep yourself motivated? 

I never really stop playing squash or doing the weights.  I do some Syphus Training, mountain biking, hiking and a bit of trail running when I'm out west. Typical week would be squash maybe 3 - 4 times with weights and some Syphus thrown in especially if some event is coming up.  Motivation has never been an issue.  I just like to play and have been fortunate to have made lots of friends around the world doing so.
TSJ: You have won many DAC Club Championship titles – doubles and singles. Is there one that stands out more than others?  

Not really sure...blush went off that rose some time ago...13, 14? First one stands out as it was so long ago...1989? Jeez, I am old. Thanks for another reminder. Really don't feel any different though.....yet.

TSJ: Who is the one person in history that you admire most? If you had a chance to ask him / her one question, what would that be?  

Probably Sun Tzu. I'd love to discuss the concept of complementary opposites with him.  

 TSJ: Tell us about your get-a-way home in Montana. And tell us about a time you had a close encounter with nature… 

We built it about 7 years ago just north of Red Lodge right on Rock Creek. MT is a very special place.  Every day there is a close encounter with nature...lots of bears, black and grizzly and moose, you name it. Ran into a big grizzly last year just at the tree line ...very disconcerting and humbling.   

TSJ: Of all the squash events outside the DAC that you have played, which has been the most enjoyable? 

All have been great and different but I guess I'd go with the Windy City Open. It is always a good and wild time there. Weather is always a factor. Snowed in twice over the years and pretty gnarly walks to the hotel at 3am with 2+ feet of snow on the ground if you recall!

TSJ: You are very involved with the Racquet Up Detroit program. Tell us your part in it and why it is so satisfying.  

Rob Graves and I have been teaching there from the start.  It's a wonderful program with a great Director; our very own Derek Aguirre. I like the continuity of the program. We take roughly the same 40 kids from grade 5 all the way to college. They are improving in squash very rapidly and more importantly, becoming productive individuals and good students. We'll be part of each other's lives forever I think.

TSJ: Tell us your favorite…
      a)      Movie?  “Tender Mercies” and “The Big Lebowski”  
b )   Weekly home chore? Walking the dogs early and late. Patty would say I don't do any chores!
c)    Detroit Tiger?  Not a big basketball fan 
d)    Activity when in Montana?  Fly fishing         
e)    Squash racquet you have ever played with?  Manta Ice 
f)     Food?  Ice cream     
g)    Car?  1974 - 76 BMW 2002 Tii  

TSJ: You are actually a man of more than one talent. Tell us about your music and your band.  

We play kind of  hippie bluegrass stuff in different iterations from a duo to trio or the big band with up to 7 of us.  I play mostly dobro and guitar. It’s really fun and a challenge to be out there in front of lots of people especially when everybody is in the moment.  Like squash when the ball looks big.  

TSJ: What is the one thing in life you haven’t yet done but would like to do? 

Paragliding looks cool.   

TSJ: If you had a 60 second Super Bowl advertisement, what would you show to the billion viewers?  

 My baby picture.  

TSJ: And for the final question, we like to dive a little deeper and turn the cheeks a darker shade of red… although I am not sure that’s entirely possible with you! Anyway, here goes… What is the worst lie you have ever told?   

Either that I was going to go quietly or that I have a filter.  

I am very grateful to Peter for answering these questions for us! Be assured that he will be resisting the age barrier for a while longer and will remain competitive for another DAC singles title. There aren’t too many more laid back and approachable members around and we hope he keeps swinging his racquet, strumming his guitars, and smiling through that hedgehog for years to come. I certainly hope he doesn’t get that Superbowl commercial spot, because I have seen his baby picture and it would shock even the most hardened of minds…!

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