Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Summer League round 3~~
After a two week break where everybody had a fantastic chance to make up matches from the first couple of rounds – but no team really took advantage of – round three had a below average participation. It’s not all that surprising when the weather is way too inviting to pass up. Luckily, a handful of matches were played early, so overall it doesn’t look too disastrous.

Serves You Right” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” managed to get in 7 of 10 matches for the week and “Point of No Return” versus “Technically Delinquent” played 6. The other four teams only completed 4 matches each. If you look at the standings it’s glaringly obvious why the top four teams are where they are. That being said, they are not running away with it. Remember, the top 4 teams will advance to the finals, and at the moment anyone of the top 6 teams are well in the hunt.

The last two teams, however,  are fading. “Art of Incompetence” and “Coordination Zero” have by far completed the least amount of matches, and not surprisingly have picked up the least amount of bonus points as well. A double whammy that will prove impossible to overcome if they don’t pick it up quickly.

Couple of close results last night worth mentioning. Justin Jacobs (“Drop Dead Gorgeous”) huffed and puffed through a 2-1 win over Josh Slominski (“Serves You Right”). Each game was only decided by a couple of points. Scott Langenburg (“Art of Incompetence”) and Al Iafrate (“Coordination Zero”) had a similar match as they ran themselves into the floorboards for what seemed like an eternity before Scott edged out a 2-1 victory.

Special mention goes to Dane Fosse (“Point of No Return”) who after receiving a 3-0 spanking from Sante Fratarcangeli (“Technically Delinquent”) decided to give Sante a spanking of his own. In their extra game, Dane spanked Sante with the ball right on his... um… cheek. Dane readily admitted it was a ‘questionable’ shot! Even so, Dane has never been so accurate, nor probably hit it as clean.

Believe or not, next week – round 4 – is over the half way mark of the season. Let’s see if “Art of Incompetence” and “Coordination Zero” can get their act together and catch up to make it really interesting. It would be great if by round 7 that all 8 teams had a decent chance of reaching the final four.

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