Thursday, January 22, 2015


Boasters League round 3~~

If I was Captain Kirk, I’d be sending out a probe into the expanse to search for any signs completed squash matches. And Mr. Spock would be looking into his tricorder, or whatever that device of his is, and be explaining, “indicators negative at this time…” Typically, the second half of the season does see a small drop matches being played, but this is almost reaching critical levels. To give you an idea, the current league leaders – “Space Geckos” – have 70 points. By the third round in the first half of the season, six teams had at least 70 points.

So. Everybody needs to start pushing and make a huge effort to get back on track. We are already 3 weeks in and only have 6 weeks to go, and by March 4 you will be wondering where the time went. I suppose one of the biggest surprises so far on the standing are the “Butter Nutz” who find themselves in 5th position and will be even lower by the end of week 4 since they have the ‘bye’.

Closest match of round 3 goes to Joey Gaylord (“Wardogs”) and Alan Howard (“The Nicker Ballers”). Literally nothing separated the two as the match came down to the final rally in the third game. With the look of relief on both the players’ faces as they walked off, it was impossible to tell who had actually won. Joey – it turned out – had taken the 3rd 15-14.

Paul Van Tol (“Nick at Night”) kept one step ahead of Jay Poplawski (“Space Geckos”) and played a few too many short angles to take the 2-1 victory; DJ Boyd (“Butter Nutz”) managed to snag a game off the veteran Tom Fabbri (“Winky-Dinks”) before succumbing 1-2; and Robert Welch (“Winky-Dinks”)  proved a little too steady for Glen Milligan (“Butter Nutz”) in his 2-1 triumph.

With New Years and the Dividend out of the way, there are no more excuses for Wednesday night absences. You cannot wait any longer to get playing otherwise you will run out of time. Your team is relying on you. What I’d like to hear from everybody in a couple of weeks should be similar to Engineer Scotty… “I can’t push it any harder, I’m goin’ to blow!

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