Thursday, October 13, 2016


Boasters League round 2~~

One more point each and they’ll be even. The Winky-Dinks and Butter Nutz are heading into week 3 of the league without a sliver of daylight between them. Tied at 64 points each, they also have the same amount of bonus points (22). Coincidentally, they played each other last night, and currently the Butter Nutz are 1 point ahead, but there are a few matches still to be played. The Space Geckos and Foss Nation also played a fair amount of matches, and – go figure – these 4 teams are holding the top four spots on the standings.

Bonus points were on display for some teams, more so than actual squash results. The Nicker Ballers picked up 5 points on court but 8 points off it, and Vivio’s and Wardogs had similar results scoring more on simply turning up than winning games. Bonus points are important, but it’s not a successful strategy long term. We all know that falling behind on matches happens quickly and making them up tends to occur slowly. Don’t fall victim!

Competitive matches were once again prevalent. Absolute special mention and shout out to Greg Baker (Vivio’s) and Rob Hawkins (Nick at Night). I have been playing squash for 40+ years and I thought I had seen it all, but that was proven wrong with these two. Half way through the final game, as Greg Baker served to Rob from the left side, he somehow dropped his racquet. The serve still managed to land (just) in the correct area, albeit a total meatball. Greg was still panicking trying to locate his racquet, Rob responded very kindly with a forehand from the middle of the court into the bottom of the tin. Comedy of errors to be sure, but overall, the match was actually quite competitive. Luckily for Greg, only 3 games need to be played, and with medics on speed dial, he got away with a 2-1 win. Luckily for both of them, it wasn’t caught on camera.

Josh Slominski (Space Geckos) had a tight 2-1 victory over the tenacious and deceptively quick Colin-he-has-no-chance-to-get-that-ball-back-oh-wait-he-did!-Bayer (Foss Nation). John Perkins (Space Geckos) continued his flawless streak over Marc Topacio (Foss Nation) taking 2 of 3 games, and Jason Currie (Vivio’s) ran himself through all four corners on almost every point (voluntarily mind you) to beat JC Tibbitts (Nick at Night) 2-1.

So as the weather gets colder, the league heats up. Magic number for all the players is 5. Make sure you get this many matches in for the first half. It’s only been 2 rounds so far, but all teams are still very much in the hunt for first half glory – just don’t dillydally on your matches!

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