Thursday, January 25, 2018


Boasters League week 4~~

Low scores seemed to be the theme for week. 4. The “Meet the Candidates” night does throw a little wrench into the boasters league proceedings as the emphasis of the evening is free food and booze meeting the next crop of outstanding DAC member candidates running for the all-important board. Understandably, wining and dining takes over the schedule which turns the court area into the proverbial zoo, and it’s wonderful to see all the socializing amongst the groups. It’s really the reason why we do this. Just ask Blake Ellis. I’ve never seen someone enjoy a taco as much as him.

Coinciding with a league night does make match play somewhat more challenging, but we simply do not have the luxury of taking the week off. Unless you can guarantee an extra Wednesday be slotted in somewhere, there just aren’t enough weeks on the calendar if we wish to have it all completed before the Club Championships start. So yes, scores were low this round.

That being said, I went back to see the standings for last season at the same juncture. We are actually ahead of that this year which surprised me a little so I have to be somewhat pleased with the improvement, right?

Best team performance for round 4 goes to Butter Nutz with 30 points, followed closely by Wardogs with 29. Winky-Dinks had the bye and logically suffered the consequences dropping 4 places to 7th. Paddy’s Dropshots and Mongoose are hanging on to equal 3rd but both of them only picked up 19 points over the week – hardly a dominating accomplishment. They won’t last very long that high if they continue in that vain. And Nicker Ballers... they better start getting their Nicks and Balls going.

Admirable individual deeds of the week… John Markus (Foss Nation) picked up his first win of the half last night. As happy as he was, he made out as if suffered a major life-threatening injury during the encounter. He was clipped on the shin and tried to pawn it off that Al “Tiburon” Iafrate (Nicker Ballers) has bitten half his leg off. On further inspection of this ‘ghastly’ wound, it was determined that he was playing Al “Nibbling Baby Hedgehog” Iafrate. Mistaken identity to be sure, nothing a tiny band aid wouldn’t fix. Or a beer.

Also scoring a win for the first time this half, JC Tibbitts (Butter Nutz) overcame the slick, soft hands of Steve Brown (Vivio’s), taking him 2-1 and handing Steve his first loss. And while we are on the theme of first wins, mark one up for James Van Dyke (Nicker Ballers) and his 2-1 win over Zac MacVoy (Foss Nation).

I was also asked to mention the HUGE upset win on the doubles league where Robin Basil and George Kordas took out current doubles club champions Jed Elley and Ryan Covell 3-1. But since this article is about the Boasters League, I won’t.

Round 5 is looming – and believe it or not that’s half way through the season. Will we see the Nicker Ballers bounce back from the depths of despair? Can Over Served overcome the bye week and keep their spot over the rest? Will John Markus’ leg grow back in time for next Wednesday? Will Blake Ellis open a taco restaurant? Will George Kordas relent and buy a razor? Stay tuned…

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