Friday, March 2, 2018


Boasters League final round~

I have to applaud the effort that most people made during the final week and a half of the league. The good news was that the scores were coming in thick and fast. But the bad news – depending on which end of the standings you’re on – was that the scores were coming in from all the teams, which made the ones pursuing that play-off spot look like they were chasing their own tails.

Every team picked up at least 30 points – including the Butter Nutz who had the bye week! As you can see by the standings, Mongoose ended up well ahead of the pack, their league leading 55 points in the final week a real stamp of authority and a testament to their captain Paul Huth who has made it a special art form in compelling his players to turn up on Wednesdays.

Participation is always less than the first half, probably due to numerous factors – winter vacations, winter weather, DAC Classic… But the stats for the second half ended up relatively respectable… for the most part.
  •  72% of matches were completed for the second half. That’s 10% down from the first half, so not terrible. Last season’s second half had 75% match completion. 
  • Butter Nutz played the most matches with 85%.
  • 2 teams had the least amount of matches played with 66%: Wardogs which is understandable considering they came last, and surprisingly, Vivio’s who ended up 4th. 
  •  Best winning percentage goes to 2 teams with 66%. Mongoose which is no surprise, and Vivio’s which is the reason they are in the play-offs. 
  • Worst winning percentage… Nicker Ballers and Winky-Dinks with 39%.
  • Bonus points. Always a telling factor. No prize for guessing which team had the most… Mongoose with 101. Second best team? Butter Nutz with 95. Over Served are third best with 83. Hmmm… 
  • Wardogs had the least amount of bonus points with 56. Ugh.
  • 17 players picked up all 8 bonus points. There were 20 in the first half. 
  •  4 players did not pick up any bonus points at all.
  • 20 players played all 8 of their matches. Only one of them went through undefeated – Adam Longo from Paddy’s Dropshots. The first half had 36 players play every match.
  • Marc Topacio (Butter Nutz) scored the most of any player for the second half with 27. 
  •  All 17 matches in any one round were completed just twice. 
  •  Most points picked up in any one round was Mongoose in round 2 with 45.
  • Least amount of points scored in any one round was 14 – Wardogs in round 7.
Now the league finals turn into a head-to-head battle. Vivio’s v Paddy’s Dropshots played in round 6 and it was a Vivio’s whitewash with a 32-16 score line. Given, only 10 of the 17 matches were done, so I do expect it to be somewhat more competitive but you would have to give the advantage to Vivio’s. The other quarter final we see Over Served v Winky-Dinks.  Also back in round 6, this one couldn’t have been closer as both teams ended up with 28 points. Four match were not played so this one appears up for grabs. As always, we can expect a few surprises though!

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