Thursday, October 29, 2009


Boasters League Round 4 –
With the perfect opportunity for the bottom four teams to make up some ground, only the “Marauders” took advantage of the situation. They were all matched up against a team in the top 5 and with a good showing on the court, could have closed the gap considerably. The “Marauders” played “The Trolls” and the two teams played 10 of the 11 matches, five more than any other team. They also picked up 9 bonus points each. Although the “Marauders” jumped only 1 position on the ladder from 6th to 5th, they have now distanced themselves from the teams behind them and have given themselves every chance of climbing higher.

In a surprise result, the league leading “Defending Champs” played against last placed “Angry Dragons” and after the 6 results that have come in, they are tied at 15 points each. It goes to show the true parity of the competition, and the obvious importance of getting your bonus points and playing your matches!! Even taking into consideration that the “Angry Dragons” have had a bye week, and the “Defending Champs” don’t have theirs until the final round, a bye week is not worth the 41 points difference between the two teams on the standings.

In real trouble are the “Reach Arounds”. Sitting in next to last place, they have not yet had their bye week, and need to step on the gas for the remaining 5 rounds to have any glimmer of hope of rising up the standings. Round 5 match-ups present the same opportunities as in round 4 – the bottom four teams are playing one of the top 5 (“Duck or Bleed” have the bye) and with a strong performance on the score sheet, there is a solid possibility of making up plenty of ground.

Match of the round must go to Mark Monaghan and Justin Winkelman. Mark took the match 2-1, but two of the games were 15-14, and the third was 15-13. Great effort, guys! Looking at individual records, 3 players lead the league with 14 points and are still undefeated: Greg Davis (“The Trolls”), Mac Nutter (“Stimulus Package” - pictured right) and Rick Florka (“Defending Champs”).


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