Thursday, October 22, 2009


Boasters League Round 3 –
Although the “Defending Champs” reclaimed top spot on the standings this week, the most impressive move was made by “Stimulus Package” led by captain Rich Stimson. After round 2, “Stimulus Package” were sitting in 7th spot, twenty points off the leaders. Now, a week later, they are 5th, but only nine points from first, which has tightened up the competition considerably. The surge is even more notable when you consider they did it by playing “Duck or Bleed” who were the number 1 team last week.

Not coincidentally, the top 5 teams on the standings also have the top 5 amount of bonus points so far as well. A point that the other 4 teams may want to take note of if they wish to catch up any time soon.

Looking further down the standings, those last four teams are already lingering badly. Sitting in 9th (and last) place are the “Angry Dragons” who have no excuse not to be angry – at themselves. Picking up only 4 points last night, they are 12 points behind 8th place “The Deconstructors”, who only picked up 8. The good news for these 2 teams is that they have a lot of matches to make up; the bad news is they have a lot of matches to make up. And the clock is ticking…

On an individual note, congratulations to Shelly Tucker of “Hell’s Kitchen” for picking up her first win of her squash career. Also deserving of a mention is Jim Fair’s victory over Peter Fortune 2-1. I believe it is the first time that Jim has ever beaten Peter.

The match-ups for week 4 have four of the top five teams playing the bottom four teams. Should be interesting to see if the differences in the standings are only on paper and not on the court as well.


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