Monday, December 28, 2009


The “Mickies” Awards for 2009

As the year 2009 comes to end, I went back through all the photos I took our wonderful squash membership and picked out the most prominent images that were too good not to share with the world. In fact, they were of such a superior quality that I decided to honor them with an award – however meaningless. So without further ado, I present to you, the “2009 DAC Squash Mickies”:

The “MOST PHOTOGENIC” award goes to…. John Rakolta!

This precious snap was taken just before his club championship final match against John Markus. I’m not sure if his “I can touch both ears with my lips” smile is from pre-match nerves or his excitement in showing off his new Colgate whitening toothpaste.

The “PURPLE RING” award goes to… John Dunwoody!

Congratulations to John for receiving this most valued achievement! During the 2009 Farris Cup, John put his body and life on the line in the name of victory as he took one for the team. As you can see, John was extremely proud of his “Purple Ring” even though he was in quite some pain for days after the incident and could be seen walking gingerly around the club despite his dreamy aura. John has volunteered to take another “Purple Ring” next year, and although no promises can be made, I am sure there are many people who would like to give him one.

The “WIN AT ALL COSTS” award goes to… Remy Fromm!

Yes, while John Dunwoody takes the pain, Remy, it appears, like to dish it out. While the DAC were on the bad end of a whipping during the Keg Wars against the BAC, Remy decided to spark up the team by taking out his opponent. His swift action not only won him the match, but also side-lined his opponent for 12 months with a broken Achilles tendon. Unfortunately, we still lost the evening, and Remy has since moved on to Florida to tackle some more dangerous swamp creatures. (Of course, Remy had nothing to do with the injury, but he did take the 3-0 win…)


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