Monday, January 4, 2010


There is no doubt that at the DAC, the Farris Cup has grown in stature and importance to our members. As soon as the Club Championships are over, many of the winners and finalists are immediately enquiring whether they have now qualified to represent the club for the event. Scheduled for Saturday, January 10 at the Birmingham Athletic Club, the 18 DAC players that are poised to defend the Cup look – on paper - very strong to do just that.

The Farris Cup is an invention of George Haggarty and Walter Oehrlein (BAC) who decided to honor a long-time friend and squash enthusiast John C. Farris who passed away in 2004. This is the 6th running of the event and so far the DAC has dominated the BAC winning the Cup four times in the first five years. As always, though, playing the BAC on their home courts is certainly a challenge and I am sure they will be fired up to take a victory.

Matches start at 9.30am – I encourage everybody who can to come on out, make some noise, and cheer on our team! Can we make it 5 out of 6?


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