Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Considering the weather, the turn out for last night’s league was pretty respectable. About 50% more than week 1 - an encouraging sign. If this keeps up, then next season we may have an argument to include a Monday night keg as well. Of course a league fee would have to be implemented but that is a discussion for another day.

The “Pickled Onions” have had an admirable 2 weeks so far. They haven’t played the most matches – four other teams have played more – nor do they have the most bonus points (they are 3rd in that category), but they have only lost a total of 1 match so far. It’s still a little early to predict if this trend will continue, but if they keep on track they’ll be a tough unit to beat.

On the other end of the spectrum, the “Rotten Tomatoes” have played the least amount of matches, are second lowest in bonus points, and to make matters worse have only won 1 match. Hence, they sit in last position. Now, it isn’t exactly time to panic. But I suggest they don’t wait too long to get their matches in, playing 5 of 16 matches in the first two rounds will not get you to the play-offs!

Only one player has accumulated the maximum 8 points for the first 2 rounds: Anil Kathuria of the “Cold Turkeys”. In fact, Anil has over 50% of his team’s total. Let’s hope his team mates start showing him some support.

Round 3 is not scheduled until June 7. That gives everybody a couple of weeks to catch up on missed matches. Your team mates are relying on you to do your part. If you don’t make the finals, at least you went down fighting…hopefully.


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