Thursday, August 12, 2010

Helpful Hints for ‘Game Time’

Like any change, the on-line court reservation system that was installed at the DAC just over 2 years ago (Game Time) was welcomed and embraced by many, and met with some frowns and skepticism from others. As all new systems, we had some initial teething problems but I now cannot recall the last time a member complained about it. While most of you are already well versed in booking your own court, it appears that a couple of the features offered are not being utilized which could help you find that extra competitive squash match you may be seeking.

On the front page of the squash reservation spreadsheet, you will find a tab titled ‘Game Seeker’. Game Seeker is a notice board that allows you to post a message advertising that you are looking for a game. You can list the day and time you would like to play, and the level of player you would like to play against. (If you are not sure what level you are, please come and ask me! Beginners generally start with a 2.0 rating, the top club level players are rated 5.5.) Next to the ‘Game Seeker’ tab is a number in parentheses. This indicates how many Game Seeker requests have been posted. To accept a request, simply click on the member’s name and a box will pop up with their contact information allowing you to send them an e-mail. The court must be booked separately.

Another way to announce that you are looking for a partner is to book a court at the time you wish to play, and in place of adding on a second player, click the option to ‘Request Extra Players For’. You will need to click the ‘Singles’ box to activate the request. You can also click the ‘Friends Only’ box, which means only members on your ‘friends list’ can accept the request. (You can make up your ‘friends list’ in your own personal profile under the ‘My Friends’ heading.) The court booking will appear on the spreadsheet in orange. If you did not click the ‘Friends Only’ box, any member can add themselves to the booking. This also works for the Doubles Squash. Please make sure that if you choose to seek a partner this way, that you cancel the court if you do not find a game!

Last but not least, do not forget about the ranking! Under the ‘Game Seeker’ tab, you will find the ‘Ladders’ link. This is actually the club ranking. All of your league, box ladder and Club Championship matches have been entered into the ladder since June 2008. The ranking works very simply—if you beat someone higher than yourself, you take their position and everybody in-between shuffles down one spot. Click on your name—you will see every match listed that you have played. You can also challenge players above you! Is your buddy ranked too high?

The system is programmed to follow the rules: You cannot reserve a court during peak time if you are playing guest and it will not allow you to reserve two time slots during any promise time period. It is extremely important that you reserve a court every single time you play – even if the all the courts are open. We follow court usage very closely and it only helps the squash program to grow. Additionally, it is also essential that you cancel your court if you do not wish to use it. The courts are becoming busier every season and everybody needs to respect their fellow members. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to reserve a court because they are booked up but then finding them open when you then walk through the club.

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