Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With a glint of a tear in my eye, I am proud to announce that it is our turn to defend the Cross Border Challenge Trophy for the first time since its inception way back in 2005. After that monumentally historic victory, we stumbled, bumbled and tumbled our way through 7 consecutive failures, which included us snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, laying down and receiving a good ‘ol spanking, and just standing on the sidelines watching year after year, as the squash Gods punished us unmercifully into submission. However, earlier this year in April 2010, it all changed around when we deservedly (if not uncharacteristically) regained the long lost treasure. Now all we have to do is keep it…

Saturday, September 18 is the date of the 10th show-down. The matches will be played in Windsor starting at 2pm. WE NEED YOU! We need singles players of all playing levels. We need doubles players at the A, B and C level. We need you to play well. We need you to drink and socialize! A keg will be available for the duration of the event and from personal experience, I can tell you the Windsor crowd are a tremendous group of people and I guarantee you will have a blast! The club is a 5 minute drive after you exit the tunnel – very easy to get to, very casual atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and get yourself out there for the perfect combination of squash and entertainment, you will not be disappointed. [Photo: Having a drink at the Windsor squash club]

Registrations close on Monday, September 13. We will do our utmost to match you up against a member from Windsor with the same playing level as your own. (Unfortunately, no guarantees!) Once the matches have been completed (and we have successfully defended our honor!) it is customary to hit the bars for a celebratory drink! Cheers!

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