Monday, March 7, 2011


Boasters League Final Round~~

Well, who would have thunk it. After six rounds of the Boasters League, “Threepeat” were sitting 7th on the standings – 34 points behind the leaders - and on the outside looking in. Now three rounds later, they end up on top of the ladder and have the first round bye in the finals. It just goes to prove that if teams get their act together and commit to getting their matches done it is very possible to turn the season around.

Joining “Threepeat” for the luxurious first round bye are the “Speed Ballers”. They held off “Mongoose” by 7 points who are scheduled to play “The Underdogs” on Wednesday. “The Underdogs” snagged the final play-off position helped mostly in part by their round 9 performance where they completed 10 of their 12 matches and picked up a healthy 8 bonus points as well. That propelled them from 8th to 6th where they bumped “Courts and Pints” and “Mr. Daniels Walking” into a season ending position. “Delta Force” did little to improve their chances as they lingered in last place all season long falling further and further behind virtually every week.

So, like every season, let’s have a look at some the statistics for this half:
• Two teams take honors for collecting the most bonus points. “Speed Ballers” and “Winky Dinks” each accumulated 57 of them. That’s 10 more than the next best “Threepeat
• The 57 bonus points of “Winky-Dinks” made up 39% of their total which is the most in the league and only 1 percentage point above the next best: “Delta Force”.
• “Threepeat” had the highest percentage of matches completed (75%). They finished first.
• “Delta Force” had the lowest percentage of matches completed (54%). They finished last.
• The round with the least amount of matches played was not the week cancelled due to the snow storm (round 5). That dubious honor goes to round 8 where only 26 of a possible 48 matches were completed. Round 5 had 28 matches played.
• Round 1 had the most matches with 42.
• Overall, 66% of matches were played in the second half. That’s down from 75% in the first half. A big drop.
• The “Speed Ballers” are the first team ever to have every single player collect all possible bonus points (12) in one round.
• “Threepeat” and the “Speed Ballers” played all 12 matches in round one – the only time it happened all season (including the first half).
• 65% of “Courts and Pints” score was made up between only 4 of their players.
• 12 players played all 8 matches. That’s down from 21 in the first half. Interestingly, 3 of those players are from “Courts and Pints” (more than any other team) and they didn’t make the finals.
• “Delta Force” did not score more than 9 points in any round, either by accumulating bonus points or winning games.
• 11 players received the maximum 7 bonus points. That’s up from 9 in the first half. From those 11, four were from “Winky-Dinks” and none of them came from the 3 teams that did not make the finals.

And now for the naming of the “All Star” team. Players carried over their first half points whether they moved up or down. For example if a player played in the number 1 position and accumulated 10 points in the first half but dropped to a number 2 position in the second and collected another 10, he would have 20 points for the season. That total would be measured against all the other number 2’s in the league. Each All Star will receive a shirt with their name stitched on it. Congratulations to:

1. Paul Ward (“Speed Ballers”)
2. Paul Huth (“Mongoose”)
3. Bob Rogers (“Winky-Dinks”)
4. Bruce VandeVusse (“Mongoose”)
5. Jordan Ellis (“Delta Force”)
6. Brandon Dobbins (“Speed Ballers”)
7. Tom Healy (“Speed Ballers”)
8. Chuck Doyle (“Threepeat”)
9. Anil Kathuria (Mr. Daniels Walking”)
10. Ted Mabley (“The Beamers”)
11. Tom Bergh (“Mr. Daniels Walking”)
12. Glen Milligan (“Winky Dinks”)

Anil Kathuria led the league with the most points overall with 52.

Which brings us to the question, who will (or can) stop “Threepeat”? The “Winky-Dinks” and “The Beamers” will be fighting off this Wednesday to see who will tackle them first and neither of them beat “Threepeat” during the season. In fact, the only 2 teams to beat “Threepeat” were “Mr. Daniels Walking” who aren’t even in the finals and “The Underdogs” who just squeezed in. It should be fascinating to say the least…

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