Friday, March 18, 2011


It’s not really surprising and on one hand it’s a little frustrating that as soon as the finals are upon us, suddenly players’ schedules are open and bonus points are being collected and matches are played. Like someone mumbled yesterday, “If only the regular season had just as much activity”. Between the 4 teams, Wednesday had 18 matches played (out of a possible 24). That’s the most matches played on a league night all season. With half the amount of teams. Why is the regular season so non-committal? Isn’t that important too? Maybe something to ponder about another day…

“Mongoose” versus “Speed Ballers”~~
It was close – not down-to-the-wire close, but it stayed interesting (and rather exciting!) all the way up to the final game of the second last match. All night “Mongoose” kept their noses slightly in front. Even though the “Speed Ballers” collected 2 more bonus points (11-9) it wasn’t enough to catch up. “Mongoose’s” success was helped due to the fact that Bruce VandeVusse and Renee McDuffee reversed their round 6 losses against the same opponents to record 3-0 wins. Stepping on court second to last was Terry Lang (“Mongoose”) and Drew Creamer (“Speed Ballers”). Drew needed to win at least one game in order to keep his team hopeful and for the final match to have any relevance. The two worked each other around the court unmercifully, both feeling the pinch, but unfortunately for Drew, he had lost the first 2 games. With a boisterous handful of spectators urging their team mates on, the third game was neck and neck all the way. To 14-all. The sudden death rally fell Terry’s way ending “Speed Ballers” hopes of advancing to the final since "Mongoose" now held a 4 point lead with only one match to play. I believe it took some time for Terry’s and Drew’s heart rate to get back to normal levels. In good spirits, the final match was completed as well. Final score: “Mongoose” win 31-26.

“Threepeat” versus “Winky-Dinks”~~
It was also close. Down-to-the-wire close. All season long Justin Winkelman and the “Winky-Dinks” have been yearning to knock off Patrick Petz and his “Threepeat” quest. As the evening rolled along, “Threepeat” held a constant – but not too comfortable – advantage. By the time Thursday rolled around, three matches were left to be played, and “Threepeat” had a nervous 3 point lead. It didn’t last long. Blake Ellis evened up the totals after he took down Patrick Petz 3-0. Every game was close, and Patrick admitted that fitness got the better of him in the end (which is nothing unusual when playing Blake) but he was pleased with how he performed. As one of the matches proved to be a wash since both players couldn’t align calendars, it was left to the last match to decide who would advance. After numerous back and forth e-mails, leeway was given for the match to be played on Friday afternoon. Mike Reno (“Winky-Dinks”) versus JB Peabody (“Threepeat”) would be for all the marbles. Earlier in the season, Mike beat JB 2-1. And history would prove to repeat itself. Another 2-1 win for Mike had “Winky-Dinks” complete the comeback and the upset. Final score: “Winky-Dinks” win 27-26.

Time to look to next week. The last week of the 2010-2011 season. “Mongoose” versus “Winky-Dinks”. It should be a doozy, and no doubt the trash talking will be plentiful and humorous. These two teams met way back in round 1. “Mongoose” won that by 3 points. Game on.

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