Thursday, August 11, 2011


Even though you may not want to think about, it’s time to think about it. The next season is bearing down upon us. Labor Day has almost come and gone, another frustrating golf season is almost at an end, the kids are almost back to school, and that squash itch is almost becoming intolerable! A temporary relief for that tingling is the season’s first event: The Doubles Select Tournament!

This is the easiest doubles event you’ll ever enter. It can be very wearisome sometimes trying to find that perfect-match partner so I take all that guess work away from you. All you need to do is register individually and I will find you your “ideal” team mate. Of course, when I say “ideal”, it’s purely a matter of how I end up ranking the players. The strongest ranked player will be matched up with the lowest, the second strongest with the second lowest, and so on. Based on that extremely complex mathematical supposition, we are guaranteed to have all teams turn out with exactly the same standard! Because of that, the knock-out draw can be done completely randomly and I literally pull it out of hat. In other words, no team is seeded – where you fall in the draw is one hundred percent luck.

Here is the small print:
1. All matches will have a deadline for completion. Any match going past that deadline risks being defaulted. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure the match is completed within the time given. DO NOT hold back the tournament.
2. All matches are best of 5 games
3. Prize for the winning team.
4. The DAC accepts no liability for any loss, no matter how painful it may be. Recommendation is to drink a beer and if pain persists in the morning, see your squash pro for a series of lessons!

So sign-up! The tournament is scheduled to start on September 6. I need all entries by Friday September 2. It’s also good to take note, that in the 6 previous years of this event, we have never had a repeat winner. We have had A level to D level victors – virtually everybody has a decent chance. No limit on entries, but we do need an even number… for obvious reasons!

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