Friday, August 19, 2011


The last we played the Cross Border Challenge, we received a pasting so callous that we are still removing the tail from between our legs. That 13-4 thrashing was our 8th loss out of 10 attempts. As much as I adore our friends from the south, I still want to dish out a flogging with a malicious smile and evil laugh and then dance a jig while waving the trophy above my balding head… figuratively speaking of course…

Saturday, September 17. We will even have home court advantage. You don’t have brave the tunnel or explain to the U.S. customs officer what squash is! If you are between a 2.5 and a 5.5 level for singles and if you would like to play a match against a Windsor player, register with me no later than Monday, September 12. We also need three doubles teams, but be warned! Generally, we never win any of the doubles matches, so it would be like a lamb to the slaughter… However, miracles have been known to happen and we may snag a rare victory. Either way, we need to front 3 pairs of victims.

Working with Windsor, we will be trying our best to match you up with a player (or players) of equal ability. That said, it may not be possible to do so since it depends on who from their club signs up, so I cannot 100% guarantee a match. Even if you register and miss out, come on down anyway and enjoy the day!

As usual, a keg will be available for all to sample. Matches will start at 2pm. The winning club gets to keep the Cross Border Trophy until the next one is hosted. We usually run two a year (home and home) and the second one for the season is currently penciled in for April (at Windsor). Last year we missed out on the second event in April because we just couldn’t fit it into the schedule.

This is one of the best social squash events of the year. They are strong players and even stronger drinkers. Plus, this is a terrific opportunity to play against someone new. And we need to beat them. Seriously. We really need to beat them…

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