Monday, August 29, 2011


We all know that one of the best DAC parties of the year is “Back to the Club Night”. Over 1000 people, marvelous food, music, dancing… all in all the perfect kick off to the season. It is scheduled for September 24 this year. Unfortunately, it’s the same weekend as the London Squash Tournament. So, if you are not inclined to hang it loose at the DAC, maybe a 3-day jaunt two hours away, playing squash and sipping a few brewskis is more your ticket!

I have played this event the past few years, and let me tell you it is worth every penny. The relationship between our two clubs has grown significantly, they support the DAC Classic in droves and we should be doing the same for their event. It’s only a $70 entry fee, and that also allows you to watch the professionals. They play the semi finals and final on the Friday and Saturday night respectively and it’s guaranteed to be outstanding squash. Ten of the entrants are in the top 100 of the world ranking from 8 different countries, the highest being Kiwi Martin Knight at 48.

Squash aside, this tournament is more than that. Just like our own DAC Classic, the social quality of the event is what draws the players. The London Squash Racquets Club has gone under complete renovation over the summer and I’m guessing it will be even more relaxing than before. You can’t help but walk through the place and want to sit, chat with someone, and drink a cold beer. Just make sure you play your match beforehand! And it’s a great fun town. Pubs and bars are all walking distance, as are the hotels. Speaking of which, the tournament has a deal with the Delta Hotel in downtown London for only $105 / night – cheap if you split with a buddy.

Wanna join me and play? Click on the following link for all the information:
The entry deadline is September 17.

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