Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Toledo Tournament – Mar 2-4

Once the hangover from the DAC classic has subsided, the perfect follow-up is to repeat the adventure on the road – in Toledo. It’s a measly 60 miles down the I-75, not that far that it’s too long a journey and not too close either so it’s a good excuse to overnight. It’s time to start working on those ‘hall-passes’!

This event has its own unique attraction. Mainly because the squash courts are tiny. At two-and-a-half feet narrower than regulation, it will make you feel like Gigantor with the feeling you could reach any ball at any time. But beware! The change in size comes with changes of angle and ball approach and it is extremely easy to be out of position and stuck behind your opponent. You will have to adapt accordingly.

Naturally this gives the Toledoen a huge advantage. But luckily this event is not just about the squash. On the contrary – it’s more about the social side. Beer chicks serve you on the Friday, and a big party on the Saturday night guarantees you won’t be leaving this Detroit-wanna-be city unhappy. And I don’t want to give you the wrong idea – it’s not impossible to win your category. Peter Logan and Anthony Fracchia have pulled it off in years past.

So click on the above tournament poster for all the pertinent information and details about the tournament hotel which is only a couple minutes drive from the Toledo Club. Join me for a weekend of intermingling, squash, beer, camaraderie, and important tournament experience.

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