Thursday, February 9, 2012


Boasters League round 6~~

It appears to be the trend for the second half of this season: “Town Pump” and “Old Shillelagh” continue to play matches, pick up bonus points and solidify their first and second placing on the ladder… while “Speakeasys” and “Jacoby’s” fall further and further behind the rest of the pack.

Given, the “Speakeasys” had the bye week, but they only collected 2 points over the week in makeup matches and have dropped to 8th spot, and “Jacoby’s” look to be setting a record slow pace as they have only added 12 points over the past three weeks combined!

The rest of the teams are shuffling around amongst themselves and are just trying to keep in the top 6 to make the play-offs. “1st Place Lounge” and “Vivio’s” appear to be in the best position to do just that – in fact “1st Place Lounge” scored the most points this week of any other team with 26 and jumped into third place. The only shining light for the teams chasing the top 3 is that all those teams still have the bye week to suffer through. However, by the way matches are not getting done, it doesn’t look like it will matter much.

Overall, the attendance for round 6 was pretty good considering the tournament of the century starts today (I am of course talking about the ever more popular DAC Classic). Pity that attendance always comes from the same 3-4 teams! It’s nice to see more and more matches coming in with a 2-1 score rather than a 3-0, the competitiveness is getting better. Rich Stimson (“Vivio’s”) picked up his second monumental win of the season 2-1 over Joe Bobzin (“1st Place Lounge”) – a fact I just had to point out since he commented sarcastically on the blog a couple of weeks ago after I mentioned his first win and he gave the article a 1 star out of 5 rating. Those “Vivio’s” headbands must have some magical pixie dust on them… Doug Ross (“O’Blivion’s”) and Greg Davis (“Town Pump”) came off the court sucking in deep gulps of oxygen as Doug got the 2-1win, and Anil Kathuria (“Old Shillelagh”) overcame the wily Jim Fair (“Anchor”) 2-1 with a few too many well placed drop shots.

Typically, the week after the DAC Classic is a little quiet as players nurse their squash hangovers. But there really is no rest for the wicked. (And if anyone was wicked…) Make the effort, help your team, don’t be stuck on the outside looking in come March.

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