Thursday, February 23, 2012


Boasters League round 8~~

Unless something dramatic happens, it looks like five teams have punched their ticket to the finals already. The only really close race is for the last play-off position between 6th place “The Tap Bar” and 7th place “Oblivions”. It would be fitting if these two teams played against each other for the final round, but they don’t, and a lot will also rely on how many matches the two teams makes up between now and March 1.

The top two teams look set and will receive the first round bye for the finals. Third ranked “1st Place Lounge” has to sit out week 9 and most likely will watch “Vivio’s” and “Anchor” overtake them but are not in any real danger of slipping outside the top 6. As far as “Speakeasys” and “Jacoby’s”, I don’t think even divine intervention would be enough for them to rise above their deficits.

It wasn’t a terribly hectic evening for round 8; I am presuming most players prefer to wait until the final couple of days before the deadline to start catching up so I expect a lot of scores to be pouring in all next week. (Can you smell the sarcasm?) As always, though, there were some rather competitive matches played. Chip McDaniel (“Jacoby’s”) took Todd Baker (“Vivio’s”) 2-1, but by the way the two came off the court it looked like it went 5 games and 90 minutes. David Devine (“1st Place Lounge”) picked up his fourth win of the half with a well deserved 2-1 victory over Greg Baker (“Town Pump”) and he did it with a demo racquet. So he purchased one. Because it’s obviously the arrow, not the Indian. And Kevin Kennedy (“1st Place Lounge”) handed Brendan Fossee (“Town Pump”) his first loss of the half with a dogged 2-1 win.

Seven days to go. 168 hours or 10,080 minutes – give or take. March 1 (inclusive) is the deadline to get any and all scores to me. The finals schedule will be sent out on Friday, March 2.

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