Monday, May 14, 2012


It’s a little strange how some people will strike a pose if you approach them with a camera. Most of us will want the snapshot to show our best possible look. Others… well maybe not so. Here is Al Iafrate and Patrick Petz getting caught up in the moment. Click on the photo to enlarge, then answer the following question. (That’s Phil Pitters in the background smiling at them, by the way!)

This is…?
A)    Pat and Al getting cozy for a photo op
B)     Just… adorable
C)     Just… wrong
D)    What happens when you play with super glue
E)     Pat and Al just before they leave for a weekend to New Hampshire
F)      Siamese twins
G)    A new doubles squash team
H)    Why you shouldn’t drink alcohol
I)   Pat and Al practicing their "swinging"
J)   New Obama fans

Answer: A) The dinner / dance for the DAC Classic is always a party to let your hair down. Pat and Al don’t mind getting ‘in the mood’ of the evening and snuggle up for the camera. Some party-goers swear they left together shortly thereafter, but I cannot confirm that rumor.

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