Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Summer League round 2~~

It was almost a complete ladder shakeup from round 1. The only team that kept its position was “Tired in 60 Seconds” who stayed in second place. One of the biggest positive movers was “Robodrops” jumping from 5th last week to top this week. They did that through playing all their matches from round 1, 6 of their 8 matches (so far) in round 2, and collecting 7 bonus points last night. The biggest negative mover was “The Snooze Brothers” who dropped from 4th to last. They did that by collecting only 3 points yesterday (which included the 2 bonus points), and only 1 make-up point over the week. Zzzzzz…. Zzzzzz… 
Todd Baker and Chuck Doyle

It started off as a quiet evening but the action picked up significantly later on. Participation was not quite as good as round 1, but it ended up being not too shabby. In the ‘come-back’ of the day, Todd Baker (“Nightmare on Madison Street”) lost the first game and was 14-8 down in the second against “Tired in 60 Seconds’Mike McCuish before rolling off the next 7 points and then dominating the third game as well to take the 2-1 victory. Todd must have won 60% of those rallies on the boast alone, much to Mike’s chagrin, and cries of exasperation.

In the closest match of the day, Paul Flanagan (“Robodrops”) pinched a 2-1 win over Chuck Doyle (“Not so Great Expectations”). They split the first 2 games 15-14, before Paul overran Chuck in the third. For Chuck, I believe that 4 of his 6 games so far this season have ended up 15-14. May as well get your money’s worth!

Other noticeable results was Greg Rivard (“Lord of the Tins”) taking out Mike Petix (“Framer versus Framer”) 2-1, Brendon Fossee’s (“Framer versus Framer”) 3-0 triumph over Joe Bobzin (“Lord of the Tins”) – although Joe also classified the result as a triumph for himself since he managed not to throw up all over Brendan during the match - and Elliot Shafer (“Boast-Busters”) scoring his first win of the season 2-1 over Jason Massey (“The Snooze Brothers”).

Memorial Day is next Monday, so the league takes a break until June 4. This does not mean that everybody takes a break as well! It’s the perfect opportunity to get in any of the matches you have missed from rounds 1 and 2 and give your team the boost it needs.

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