Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Summer League round 1~~

Well! I have to say I was considerably impressed with the turn out for the first round of Summer League. Participation is usually a crap-shoot, especially this time of year when the weather is turning warm, the winter season has wrapped up, and golf clubs are being polished, but it seems many cannot tear themselves away from the squash court.

We have 64 players in this year’s league, up from the 56 in 2011. Last night’s numbers were equivalent to a winter Boaster’s League week. Of the 64 players, 44 of them were present to pick up their bonus point, and 32 of them also got their match in. Three teams collected 7 of a maximum 8 bonus points – not coincidentally, those three teams also occupy the top 3 positions on the standings. Also not unexpectedly, the bottom team – “Not so Great Expectations” – picked up the fewest bonus points.

Justin Winkelman (who won his match 3-0 against
Mike McCuish) with Steve Murphy
The closest match of the evening must go to Steve Murphy (“Boast-Busters”) and Tom Bergh (“Lord of the Tins”). Even though Steve pulled out the 3-0 win (I think it was the first time he had beaten Tom) all 3 games went down to the wire: 15-14; 15-14; 15-13. (I guess Tom relaxed in the third game!) Other mentionable results (amongst others) was Jason Massey’s (“The Snooze Brothers”) tight and tough 2-1 victory over Joey Gaylord (“Framer versus Framer”) and Sante Fratarcangeli (“Tired in 60 Seconds”) who continues to make an impact after winning the 3.0 Club Championships two weeks ago as he took out James Van Dyke (“Robodrops”) 2-1.

Yes, it’s only one round. Yes, it’s too soon to think this trend will continue. But it is a wonderful start. And we can be positive about it! Let’s push to keep the momentum going.

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