Thursday, August 23, 2012


Cross Border Challenge – September 15 at the Windsor Squash Club

Step right up, step right up, step right up! Everyone’s a player, squash galore! That’s right; you too can be a proud representative of the Detroit Athletic Club, in our quest in defending the holy grail of all holy grails, the Cross Border Challenge Trophy!

One border crossing fee, that’s all it will cost you. A tiny charge for the pleasure of the services you will receive! You need a singles match? We’ll get you a singles match! How about a doubles game? We have that too! Something for the socialite? We’ll have a keg available at your disposal, drink any much or as little as you like, just remember you are all welcome at Windsor’s Little Shop of Squashers!

This is a once in a year opportunity (sometimes two!) so don’t be on the outside looking in. Act now! Don’t settle for less, everybody must play! How do we do it? How can we afford it? Money is of no consequence! We want you to have the squash experience of your life! Can I use a few more exclamation marks to get my point across?!

That right! If it’s black or blue and round, involves a racquet, a squash court, and a free flowing beer tap, you simply must get involved. You’ll be running, you’ll be stunning, you’ll be gunning for the booze! If you’re not completely satisfied with this genuine, never-to-be-repeated (until the next one) challenge, then take some more squash lessons, drink a few more pints, sit back, relax, and feel the enjoyment seep into your bones!

Please allow 5 days for organizational time. That’s right! September 10 is the sign-up deadline. Want to make a name? Get some fame? Then the Cross Border Challenge is your game! Step right up! Step right up! Step right up!

…Before I get any more carried away, here are the main points of interest:
  • Matches start at 2pm on Saturday, September 15 at the Windsor Squash Club
  • Singles players of all levels needed
  • Doubles players at the A, B, and C level needed (if possible)
  • You will play one best-of-5  match against a Windsor member
  • Even if you do not wish to play, come and enjoy the camaraderie
  • Entry deadline – Monday, September 10
  • Drink. Win. Then drink some more. Or, win first, then drink. Or just win. Or drink. Just be there.
Oh, and by the way, we are currently the defending champions. We need to hold onto the trophy, it belongs here.

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