Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Now that Hashim has (hopefully) convinced you to hold the racquet correctly, it’s now time to swing properly. He keeps it as simple as possible, and states the obvious as only Hashim can. It makes you think you are listening to Mr. Spock – the Vulcan from Star Trek - his logic is so undeniable. Watching pros is a vital aspect to picking up important techniques and footwork (as well as strategy). Try and emulate what the good players do for they must be doing something right. However, every player has their own set of skills and sometimes certain things won’t work for certain players. Experiment, and see what can benefit you.

And remember, it doesn’t have to a major overhaul of your swing. It may be a small adjustment which can make all the difference. For example, maybe you need to shorten your backswing slightly in order to get your racquet prepared more quickly, or maybe keep a couple of inches further away from the ball on contact, or do you need to stay down through the stroke a fraction of a second longer? Whatever it is, if you are not hitting consistently, you need to change something. Of course, I can definitely help you too!

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