Wednesday, April 3, 2013


PST World Championship May 3-5~~

Remember back in December when we had David Palmer and Thierry Lincou came out and played an exhibition match? Showed us how squash can be played, how it can be mastered, how it can be humorous, entertaining, and breathtaking? Well, it’s time to relive those emotions as the boys come back in May and play for the real deal – the PST World Championship title. This time, they’ll be playing to win.

The rare prospect of witnessing squash of such caliber cannot be snubbed. Don’t be like many members last year who regretted not making the effort to come and watch. Not only do you have the chance to observe and be amazed at these professionals, but you could also mingle with them and ‘pick their brains’ too. Accessibility to the public is an important trait of PST events; all I can do is encourage you all very strongly to take advantage.

The line-up for this year’s PST tour finale has a different look to 2012. We will be seeing David Palmer again who have qualified for the event along with 3 new faces: Stephane Galifi of Italy, Australia’s Wade Johnston, and a young American hopeful Bradbury Thompson. That leaves 4 openings still yet to be claimed, and those positions will be decided over the next 2 weeks as PST run their final leading up tournaments.

We are overly grateful at the support of our sponsors. Without them, this simply wouldn’t happen.

Bank of America have been wonderful to step in as our lead sponsor.
Sean Moran was once again without hesitation backing the event through Morgan Stanley.
Many, many compliments are to go to Patrick Petz and Skidmore Inc for his (their) help with the posters and banners,
And in no particular order, we have had a wonderful contribution from the following sponsors as well: Burroughs (Alan Howard)
Troszak North America (Doug Troszak)
Bob Garvey is the reason behind Racquet Up Detroit’s tin display
Aaro Companies (Tom Fabbri)
Edward Jones (DJ Boyd)
Roxbury Group (James Van Dyke)
Clark Hill Law Firm (Tom MacFarlane)
Baker Tilly (Kevin Prather)
Franklin Templeton (Paul Silva)
Ameriprise (Glen Milligan)
4 Men in a Box Syndicate (John Dunwoody, Mark Hayduk, Chris Terry, Paul Aubrey)
Talmer Bank ( Elliot and Tom Shafer)

The great thing about this event is that it’s the right amount of squash. Three days and 8 matches is a perfect schedule that leaves you wanting more once it’s done. There are 3 prices of tickets to choose from:

$150 – This allows you to watch all the matches through the weekend and you can attend the players cocktail party on the Friday evening where you have the opportunity to have a more personal access with the players. It’s also a way to show your support for the event! There are only a limited amount of these tickets available, so be quick.

$100 – This allows you to watch all the matches through the weekend.
$40 – One day pass. You can choose which day you wish to attend.

And the schedule. All matches will be on court 7:

Friday May 3:
  • First of four matches starting at 4.30pm. Matches usually take an average of 40-45 minutes.
  • The cocktail party is scheduled for 7.30pm in the Randolph Suites. (Depending on how late the matches run.)
Saturday May 4:
  • 10am – The “Play with the Pros”. Major sponsors have the opportunity to hop on court with some of the pros.
  • 1:30pm – The first of 2 semi finals.
Sunday May 5:
  • 1:30pm – the 3rd / 4th play-off
  • 2:30pm – The 2013 PST World Championship final. 
Ready to be entertained? Blown away? Inspired? Tell your DAC friends, invite them to attend – let’s be hanging off the rafters, jamming ourselves in to catch a glimpse – no excuse not to attend. Book your ticket now- don’t be left in the wings and having to wait another 12 months.

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