Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Summer League round 1~~

A few numbers first: 80: That’s how many players we have registered for the Summer League. 25%: Percentage increase of the size of the league compared to last year. 8: That’s how many subs we have. If all 8 registered on time, the league could have been 88 strong! I just thought I would share that with you because it proves how much more play the courts are experiencing. It’s the start of the summer and yes, it’s not the same as the colder months, but even the number of box ladders participants increased this month to its highest ever level: 120.

Here’s another number: 0. That’s how many points team “Scuttlebutt” scored yesterday in round one of the summer league. Not one single match played, not one single bonus point earned. I believe they forgot it started. Talk about digging yourself into an early hole. I expect – together with their opponents “Off the Radar”, that they will be making up those matches asap… right?

Loose Cannons” started off the season with a strong performance winning 5 of 6 matches and picking up 6 bonus points as well. Their only loss was Jim Stroh who went down to the long reach of Brien Baker 2-1. “Get Some and Flop Some” find themselves in second place due to the fact of collecting 7 bonus points last night, even though they won only 2 of 5 matches.  

Arnaud (an archive
photo from 2009)

In individual results, we had one of most intense DAC rivalries building right now in Elliot Shafer v Sante Fratarcangeli. In their most recent result, Sante beat Elliot in a 5th game tie break in the semi final of the club championships. Both fervent competitors, this match was no less spirited. Sante (“Beer Ahoy!”) pulled out the 2-1 win, with Elliot (“Lunge-Lob Split-Pants”) left to ponder the ‘what-ifs’ for another day. Not to worry, he’ll get another chance before too long.

Chris Moyer (“Loose Cannons”) held off the ball-smashing John Mann (“Naval Fluff”) who must have a serve equivalent to the power of an Andy Roddick. It’s amazing the court still has a front wall, and his racquet still has strings. And special mention to my French ‘ami’ Arnaud Mangin (“Get Some and Flop Some”) who is making his welcome return to the squash court after almost a year off with a nasty shoulder injury. He shook the rust off quickly as he dealt Chuck Doyle (“Bermuda Try Angles”) a 3-0 (close) loss.

Well, you all know the drill. Get your matches in, turn up on Mondays. The four teams that stick to that formula better will find themselves in the play-offs.

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