Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Summer League round 2~~
That’s a little more like it. For the opening week of the summer league, “Scuttlebutts” were nowhere to be seen, heard, or found. That stealth tactic paid absolutely no dividends as for the first time ever, a team failed to score even one point in a round 1 of a season. But they picked themselves up, came out of the darkness they were hiding in and jumped up all the way to 5th place, just 1 point of 4th with a 25 point surge. No team picked up more points over the week, although “Naval Fluff” came close with 22.

Loose Cannons” remain in top spot, still by 5 points over “Get Some and Flop Some”. They are also the only team where every player has scored at least one point. “Off The Radar” will be exactly that unless they pick up the pace as they fall behind into last place. With just 9 matches played, they have only won one of them – five of those losses have been 1-2, so they have been competitive but aren’t getting over the third game hump.

After round 2, the glaring obvious statistic once again is repeating itself. The top four teams are the ones with the most bonus points… If you want your team to get to the finals, I suggest a trip to the club on Mondays is in order.

There were 11 matches last night that went 2-1. One of the closest of the evening was Mike Rock’s (“Scuttlebutts”) 2-1 victory of Terry Lang (“Loose Cannons”) with two of their games coming down to sudden-death. Josh Slominski (“Lunge-Lob Split-Pants”) also scraped in a 2-1 win over the not-to-be-underestimated Tom Fabbri (“Get Some and Flop Some”) and Brien Baker (“Naval Fluff”) pulled a rabbit out of his hat beating Paul Van Tol (“Off The Radar”) 2-1, 15-14 in the third.

I am not overly keen on the two week break the league will have. While participation hasn’t been awesome, it hasn’t been too bad either and I’d hate to sever any momentum. But next week is Memorial Day, and the week after is the 3B’s golf outing. Going on previous years where the league has been scheduled the same day as the golf outing, participation has been very weak. So this year, we’ll skip it. The good news is that everybody has 2 weeks to get some much needed make-up matches completed – or, if you are really savvy, get some matches completed ahead of time!

Interestingly, we have the top 2 teams scheduled to play each other in round 3, and we have the two bottom teams to have at each other as well. Will the bonus point statistic remain intact?

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