Thursday, September 19, 2013


Blitz Tournament – Friday Oct 11

Squash, good friends, a chilled beverage, more squash, more friends, another chilled beverage, back to the squash court... you get the idea. Just another trip on the DAC in-house squash carnival merry-go-round with the Blitz Tournament! Feel like a kid in a candy store yet?

It’s a simple concept. Group play comes first. All the groups will be mixed up with various playing levels as much as possible. Handicaps will be assigned. Each match is one game to 15 points. So, if player A has a 5 point handicap, he starts the game at 5-0. Matches have been known to start at 13-0. And have lasted 2 rallies. Hence the name of the event.

The top 2 players of each group will then advance to a knock-out round. In the case of a tie, straws will be drawn to see who advances. That makes it completely fair for all parties involved. Handicaps will be assigned as we go along with this one. The top three players of the knock-out draw will then receive a prize. Third / fourth play-off has to be done.

In regards to the handicap, I try to assign them so every match will finish 15-14. (No tie-breaks). Of course, my crystal ball is often misty and I did receive a failing grade at the “Divination” course I took at Hogwarts, so while sometimes we do get the ever so anticipated sudden-death rally at 14-14 it only really happens due to pure auspicious guesswork. We have also had complete blow-outs and handicaps in some cases could have been reversed! But I claim no responsibility for those. Wasn’t my fault…

As is customary, beverages will be available. This may add to your handicap, something I will not be taking into consideration. You do that at your own risk!

So, if you want to frolic in the land of Blitz Squash, I need all registrations by October 9. I need a minimum of 16 players to run it. E-mail me. Go on… I dare you… !

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