Thursday, October 24, 2013


Boasters League round 4~~

Thankfully, the baseball season is behind us. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as devastated when I watched Shane Victorino’s Grand Slam put an end to the Tiger’s World Series aspirations, but it also put an end to the havoc the play-offs have been inflicting on the DAC squash program. I mean, how utterly rude of Bud Selig not to consult me before organizing play-off games in the middle of the week. The nerve! Why couldn’t the Tigers play on the weekends??

After we cancelled the league for round 3 – or made everyone self-schedule their matches – overall people have been doing a pretty good job getting those matches in. However, there are still many to be completed which means there are oodles of points up for grabs and believe it not we are already almost half-way through the season. Time is slipping away quickly.

Butter Nutz” now find themselves looking down on everyone else with a six point lead over “Paddy’s Dropshots”. “Foss Nation” are the surprise team as they jumped from 6th to 3rd and knock the idle “Winky-Dinks” to 4th. Speaking of which, “Winky-Dinks” captain Justin Winkelman has stepped up the merchandising of his ‘franchise’ with team shirts for all his players. We have already seen the “Vivio’s” headbands, so who will be next? Will we see “Mongoose” coffee mugs? “Wardogs” bobble heads? “Busting Rails” big foam fingers?

Last night’s action produced a couple of nail-biters. Firstly Scott Langenburg’s (“Wardogs”) 15-14 in the 3rd win over Tom MacEachern (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) had Tom kicking himself for being too nice. Rather than take a ‘stroke’ at 14-all, he kindly offered to replay the rally and then ended up losing. Winning on a stroke isn’t overly satisfying, but it sure beats losing overall. Tom will learn next time not to be so friendly!

The other sudden-death decider was between Sante Fratarcangeli (“Butter Nutz”) and Al Iafrate (“Busting Rails”). Tension built up at the end of the third as the scores stayed tight. Thankfully the deciding rally did not end with a ‘let’ call, and it was Al pinching the 15-14 win.

Other notable results was James Stuntz (“Wardogs”) over Margi Scholtes (“Paddy’s Dropshots”) 2-1 where every game was either 15-13 or 15-14; Terry Lang (“The Kampai Warriors”) showing his experience with a 2-1 victory over John Mann (“Foss Nation”); and Blake Kenny (“Busting Rails”) taking a 2-1 win over Jason Trombley (“Butter Nutz”) with both appearing pleased that a 4th game wasn’t required.

Once again, I will whip out my bongos and beat the same tune: Get your matches done. Deadline for completion will be December 6. That’s not very far away.

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